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Okay, so these are reeaaly silly, but hey, why not... All of these images are faked using PhotoShop. We have not starred with James in any of his films, darn it! If you create a pic you'd like us to include here, drop us an email.
We'd love to keep this silly page going with all kinds of wacky fun!

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Mmm Magic is right!

Rock my world, baby!

James looks HOT
in ANY period! ;)

Forgive me Father, for I have impure thoughts. ;)

Nada as Cleo...
Mmm, Mark's so yummy!

After James mentioned his short stint as a Goth, I just had to! :P

Purrrrfect Bond!

Ok, so my costime isn't exactly the right period, but heck, I just had to! Oh Blackie... SIGH ;)

Oh, we just had to.

Antony got hosed!
Oh yeah, Mark's slave?
I'm sooo there!

Inspired by a dream I had... Wish he was my guardian angel... ~Nada

Seems I'm not the only one dreaming of James as an angel -thanks Asa!

Gimme a little kiss

Don't be sad "Donald"
I'll cheer you up! ;)

Awwww... two of our fave men in the world! Sigh...

Perfect mouth for fangs!! Grroowwlll!

Princess Nettie & George

Good one Kelly! Mmm s'mores!

Baby-face Mark in Technicolor!

Spence meets his zombie soul mate. Bwahahahaha!

Kelly, partying with James! Beg!

QuiGonJim or Darth Purefoy hahaha

Just you and me punk rock James... LOL!

Mark Antony as Dionysus "Bronze Statue art"

Forget that princess Luna, "George" marry me instead!


We just couldn't resist this! Hot Harley Man...YEAH!

Winter Moods - created by Kelly & Nada. This is just too cute! ;)

I know he uses that oh so
clever line on all the girls!

Don't know who created the pirate kitty, but we just couldn't resist putting him
with Blackbeard.

Poor guy should have used Preparation H. ;)

Ok, so this is really silly, but after a visit to the natural foods store, we just couldn't restrain ourselves. ;)

What's up with the pink
nails, huh?

James as Count Dracula

Silly Romance Novel covers created courtesy of: