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The man simply blows us away! Still images are lovely, but seeing James in action, well that's a whole other story! Every little nuance in his expressions, those eyes, that mouth, and the way he moves... Geez! The man is so freakin' wicked - we've dediced he's got to be the devil! ohhh, ok, no, he's an angel - no no, the devil! Are we confused or what? haha! ;)

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Video Clips
The Following Gets Scary New Masks!
James recites The Raven. The Following promo.

The Following - The Raven from Kerry Shaw Brown on Vimeo.

James photo-posing in Mexico to promote Solomon Kane interview in Mexico for Solomon Kane

James Purefoy habla de Solomon Kane from Cine PREMIERE on Vimeo.

James interviewed in Mexico for Solomon Kane
Watch live streaming video from homocinefilus at Interview for Solomon Kane
James Signing Autographs for The Philanthropist

Free Burma Film Appearance

Scene: Sherlock Holmes - The Boscomb Valley Mystery