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• December 10, 2013: James donates his shoes for charity! Celebrity Show Auction!

• December 8, 2013: Don't miss the Wicked Blood trailer and poster, here!

Great promo image of James and Kevin Bacon for The Following! Plus The Following season 2 First Look:

And Mad Magazine's parody of The Following... The Swallowing:

• December 2, 2013: James Purefoy reveals how he's shaken off James Bond nearly-man tag to come into his own playing serial killer Joe Carroll:

• November 18, 2013: James donates his drawing of 'Marcel' to Noah's Ark Children's Hospice for special needs children in the UK! Awww!

The Following gets new, scary masks!

• November 11, 2013: James attends Celebrity art exhibition for High Barnet-based Noah's Ark Children's Hospice!

• November 9, 2013: James recites The Raven!

The Following - The Raven from Kerry Shaw Brown on Vimeo.

• November 7, 2013: TRAILER for Wicked Blood! Man, it looks intense!

• October 28, 2013: Actor James Purefoy joins fans and congratulates Yeovil Town on 3-1 victory over Nottingham Forest.

• October 24, 2013: Yeovil Hospital celebrates 40 years and James opens a new suite at the ceremony!

• October 23, 2013: Second promo for The Following season 2!

• October 22, 2013: The Following season 2 writeup and trailer link:

And, The Following season 2 spoilers here:

Screenshots of James as Joe Carrol from season 2, by Jan for JamesPurefoyOnline!

• October 17, 2013: The Following interview with James Purefoy 2012 at

• October 13, 2013: A message from James from The Following Fox at NYCC!

• October, 13, 2013: NYCC: The Following Gets Inside the Heads of Fans at Comic-Con.

• October 13, 2013: The Following: Joe Carroll Lives?- NY Comic Con 2013.

• October 14, 2013: The Following Producers Tease Season 2 - NY Comic Con 2013

Lots of new The Following Production pics from Marcos Siega

• September 27, 2013: Breaking News!! 'The Following' and James Purefoy at NY ComicCon, Sunday, Oct 13th, 2013!

BURBANK, Calif. (September 27, 2013) - Warner Bros. Television returns to New York Comic Con with two hit shows both produced locally in the New York area: last season's #1 new series The Following and acclaimed third-season crime thriller Person of Interest. Confirmed to attend New York Comic Con 2013 for panel sessions and autograph signings with fans on Sunday, October 13, are The Following stars Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Valorie Curry, Shawn Ashmore and Connie Nielsen, along with executive producers Kevin Williamson and Marcos Siega, as well as Person of Interest stars Taraji P. Henson, Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker and Kevin Chapman, with executive producer Greg Plageman.

• September 26, 2013: EXCLUSIVE from EW, 2 Season 2 teasers of James Purefoy's 'The Following'!! and 'a new face of evil'

'The Following' season 2 teasers promise reveal of 'a new face of evil' -- EXCLUSIVE

• September 23, 2013: Next up! James Purefoy kicks off a 6-part series in the UK, Britain's Secret Treasure, coming to ITV Oct 17th! -Jan

UK fans: Mark your calendars!! I will remind you again!

Filmed in the far north of England in Northumberland, a new 6-part series of Britain's Secret Treasures which will begin October 17th with James!

US fans, we will most likely be looking for it on YouTube!!

Pics: Rob Collins & James Purefoy on set of itv's Great British Treasures. From Portable Antiquities Scheme on FB. James Purefoy in Northumberland "Holding the remains of the Alnwick Sword for itv Great British Treasures"

• 'The Following' Season1 DVD/Blu-ray to now be released on January 7, 2014.

The Following - Announcement for 'The Complete 1st Season' Starring Kevin Bacon/James Purefoy in new thriller, coming to DVD and Blu-ray Disc

Edge-of-your-seat thriller THE FOLLOWING is created by Kevin Williamson ("Dawson's Creek," "Scream" franchise) and stars Golden Globe Award-winning Kevin Bacon ("X-Men," "Frost/Nixon") and James Purefoy ("Rome"). The spellbinding and intense drama follows an ex-FBI agent (Bacon) called out of retirement to track down a devious and diabolical serial killer (Purefoy), the mastermind behind a nationwide string of murders.

Warner Home Video has announced that January 7th will see the release, on DVD and Blu-ray/DVD Combo, of The Following - The Complete 1st Season. Priced at $39.98 SRP (4 discs) and $49.99 SRP (7 discs) respectively, the studio has said to expect bonus material on this title, but hasn't given the details of those extras just yet. The Blu-ray/DVD Combo version will also include Ultraviolet digital versions of the episodes.

Older news:

• January 30, 2013: Fox Lounge, Rapid Fire tv spot for The Following!

• January 9, 2013: James and Kevin Bacon kiss for reporters!

• December 31, 2012: FOX's The Following: Images From The First Episode!

Inside 2013's Best New TV Show (The Following)

• December 24, 2012: UK only: The Following behind the scenes. Hopefully we'll get this in the US soon, too.

• December, 17, 2012: James was at the Django Unchained premiere. You can find the latest images here:

• November 21, 2012: 'The Following' On Fox: Exclusive First Look At Kevin Bacon And James Purefoy's Must-See Drama's Spooky New Promo (VIDEO)

• October 25, 2012: NYCC | The Following Cast, Director Discuss New Serial Killer Drama:

• October 24, 2012: Official poster for The Following!

And Fox announces winter premiere dates for The Following.

• October 15, 2012: Latest The Following promo, "The Raven"

Two great videos of James from NYCC:


Also check out some lovely images from NYCC at Getty:


• October 11, 2012: Follow The Following and get messages from your leader!

Image courtesy of

• October 8, 2012: James interview video from SDCC for The Following. Love his humore and expression! Such a sweetie to be playing such a cruel meanie in the show! Testament to his talents!

• September 29, 2012: Purefoy Raises 'Kane' Array of British talent makes Solomon Kane quite a treat!

• September 28, 2012: "In movies and TV series, 'Rome' star James Purefoy simply kills"

• September 27, 2012: THIS WEEKEND Solomon Kane opens in limited release in US theaters! If it's playing near you, don't miss it, and tell everyone to go see it! We need a wider release and great success so we get those sequels!

The latest, lovely, photos of James from events over the past few days:
GettyImages & Zimbio

Romance at the opera: "I wrote a girlfriend a book once. I wrote her a whole book," actor James Purefoy said. He was about 18 at the time. "I wrote it; I bound it." Purefoy says it worked—she loved it. However, sadly, the book is not available on for us to read. "This was way before the days of self-publishing." -James Purefoy

• September 26, 2012: Exclusive interview with James and Michael Bassett on Solomon Kane at!

• September 25, 2012: Win a signed Solomon Kane poster, and more, via! or!

And check out this nice review of Injustice! Such a great show! You've gotta see it if you haven't already!

• September 18, 2012: TONIGHT!! free screening of 'Solomon Kane' in NYC 7:30 AMC Empire with director Michael Bassett & James Purefoy will be there, too!

James will be a part of The Following panel at the NY Comic Con! More info here:

And, there's a new promo for The Following, check it out!

• September 11, 2012: James auctions off his original bee drawing for Habitat for Humanity! Original Autographed Art Created by the Stars of the FOX Series THE FOLLOWING:

• September 7, 2012: Tonight is the Stand Up To Cancer special on various network stations. James was in the ad for this so I'm pretty sure he'll make an appearance. More info here and be sure to check your local listings.

• September 6, 2012: Lovely photo of James In the October issue of Tattler: Jacket du jour:

• September 4, 2012: Some fun stuff today! Cute video: The Faces of FOX - James Purefoy!

The UK has gotten its trailer for The Following.

And, there's a deleted scene from Revenge that's centered on James and it's lovely!

Then, you can see a quick glimpse of James near the beginning of this ad for the upcoming event, "Stand Up To Cancer" that will air on Sept. 7 on CBS.

• September 3, 2012: Love this gorgeous pic of James for Amnesty International!

• September 1, 2012: Lovely photo of James and the rest of the cast of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I SO love this show!

And - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is now available on (Canada) for pre-order!

• August 29, 2012: Check out's Solomon Kane Preview page!! Very nice!

• August 23, 2012: Solomon Kane movie is released on VOD via iTunes today!

Check out Solomon Kane, The Official Movie Magazine on your iPad/iPhone, other device, and/or on your computer- a must for fans of the movie & Solomon Kane mythology!

Save 47% off the newsstand price!

The 148-Page magazine includes exclusive interviews with star James Purefoy, and the supporting cast, director Michael J. Bassett and producers Michael and Paul Berrow and Samuel Hadida. The magazine also features behind the scenes photography from the Solomon Kane set, sumptuous artwork and production storyboards with accompanying commentary from the creative team. Plus, much more must-have material for any fan of Solomon Kane, the man, the myth, the movie.

To purchase the magazine for your device, visit:

Also, Fan Expo Canada! CTV PRESENTS: AN EXCLUSIVE SCREENING OF "THE FOLLOWING" Thursday at 9:00 pm in Room 701

• August 22, 2012: Behind the scenes shots of the filming of The Following in NY! Nice candid shot of James! Many thanks to @katrinjenny of YouTube!

And, take a gander at this new, very cool poster for Solomon Kane! Michael Bassett shared it on his blog today! I love it!

• August 20, 2012: Just returned last night from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Centennial event in Calif. I was there as a fan and to help promote our Back To Barsoom sequel campaign. It was an incredible time and myself, as well as the other admins for the BtoB campaign got to meet John Carter producer, Jim Morris. We feel even more confident now that we can help make the sequels happen!

Also, US poster and some screen shots from Solomon Kane. Same poster used for a few other countries, but a good one.

• August 14, 2012: Ironclad gets a sequel! Not sure if James is part of this yet, but will post when that news comes out.

• August 13, 2012: James Talks About His Role And Preparation For 'The Following'

• August 1, 2012: Been very busy lately and not a lot of news. Here is the latest...

Solomon Kane is to be released in select US cities. You may be able to help choose where it will play! Check out director, Michael Bassett's blog for more info:

There have been new additions to the magazine scan galleries over at the Spanish James site! Don't miss these!

James at SDCC interviewed about The Following:

And another, with an article here, very nice!

• July 17, 2012: Great video interview with James Purefoy from #SDCC for The Following:

• July 15, 2012: Video of James during The Following SDCC panel:

Another great video of James from SDCC:

Interview with James from SDCC via Starry Constellation Magazine:

Images of James during The Following SDCC panel:

More images. Scroll down for The Following pics:

• July 14, 2012: James, Kevin Bacon and Shawn Ashomre were interviewed by G4 at Sandiego Comic Con! Here's the video!

• July 12, 2012: James tweeted earlier that he's flying to Calif for his appearance at Comic Con to support The Following! Here are the early reviews of the show.

Comic Con reviews The Following. Fans rave!

The Futon Critic reviews The Following, "I'm all in."

Also, The John Carter Sequel Campaign will have a booth at Comic Con!
The Van Eaton Galleries, Booth #501.

Fans fight for John Carter sequels on their own dime and time!!

Spread The Word! Make Our Presence Known! Take Us Back To Barsoom!!!

• July 11, 2012: EXCELLENT NEWS!! Finally!!

Solomon Kane to be released in the US!!
Michael Bassett: "Holy crap this one has taken a long time... I think elephants make babies quicker. Still, better late than never so, it is with enormous pleasure and a huge sigh of relief that I can tell you all that Solomon Kane is going to be released in the US later this year by The Weinstein Company's new division Radius. It's going to have a premium VOD release on August 24th followed by a cinema release on September 28th. I currently have no details on the extent of that theatrical run but I suspect it will be what's called 'key' areas - so probably 15 or so cities in the US. Not world beating and it's going to need lots of support to find the audience but there'll be enough interest to hopefully put Kane back on the map and in a place where we can sensibly talk of sequels.

If you really can't wait to see it in the fall, and you find yourself in Comic Con this Friday there's going to be a little screening of the movie with James Purefoy and myself there to say hi. Starts at 9:15pn at the Gaslight theatre in San Diego. Most of the tickets are going to be give-aways and suchlike but I'm told there's going to be a rush line too. So there's a good chance you can catch it on the big screen."

Also, Solomon Kane will have a showing at Comic Con (SDCC). Here's more info:

In other news, The Following will be aired in the UK!

I adore this! What a darling photo of James and Lynn Collins from the John Carter premiere!

• July 7, 2012: Catching up on James news after being away for a week.

Lovely pic of James from his appearance at the Olivier Awards:

James talks Ironclad:

James Purefoy Talks Ironclad by EmpireMagazine

James at the John Carter premiere looking good in 3D glasses! :D

• June 27, 2012: According to the latest blog post by director of Solomon Kane, Michael Bassett, there should be a screening of the film at SDCC with James Purefoy there to discuss it.

• June 26, 2012: James will be at Comic Con to promote his new show The Following:

• June 25, 2012: Yummeeee! Yes, I'm really looking forward to this. Looove James in period garb! This photo makes me happeeee! Such a NICE way to start the week!

• June 24, 2012: LIsten to James in Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (only 7 days left).

If you're in the UK you can pre-order the Zen CD here:

In the US you can pre-order zen here:

James at the Fox 2012 Programming Presentation Post-Show Party

Gorgeous images from Episodes over

• June 19, 2012: James at the Moët & Chandon reception at Queen's.

Also, James is on "Episodes" again on Friday at 10pm, BBC2

And, James narrates, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" on the radio. On Saturday 23rd June at 2.30pm, Radio 4 - UK

• June 18, 2012: Nummy pic of James from Episodes! Thanks to the James Purefoy 2 Yahoo group! See more screencaps here (you'll need to be a member to view the gallery):

• June 16, 2012: James Purefoy attends The Moet & Chandon Suite At The Queen's Club Tennis

• June 12, 2012: New Featurette for The Following - Poetry of a Killer:

• June 10, 2012: Very nice promo image of James and Kevin Bacon for The Following! And don't miss the other promo shots at the Perfect Purefoy Yahoo group!!

Also James Purefoy will be attending the San Diego Comic Con to support The Following.

In honor of James Purefoy's upcoming appearance at Comic Con SD, Celinda Steinman has shared with us her photo gallery of James at the Comic Con Solomon Kane panel! Awesome! Thanks hon! :D (via FB so you'll need an acct to see the gallery)

• May 25, 2012: LOOOVELY photos of James!

• May 24, 2012: Auction for Charity! Pot decorated by James Purefoy - 100% of the final sale price will support Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)!

Find out more about the RHS here:

Video: James and Kevin Bacon talk The Following! And when you visit the page there is also a video of James talking about The Philathropist!

And: Photos: JAMES PUREFOY; ANNA CHANCELLOR, Press Night of South Downs & The Browning Version, Harold Pinter Theatre, Panton Street London. 24 April 2012

Lol, such a funny face! :)

• May 22, 2012: Image of James Purefoy from his appearance on the Chelsea Flowers show yesterday:\

Unfortunately on UK fans can view the videos of the show. Here is a link:

• May 15, 2012: Trailer for The Following!!

Plus, photo from yesterday, James with Kevin Bacon.

And on a different note, we might just be getting a sequel to Ironclad!

• May 14, 2012: First Look! The Following starring James and Kevin Bacon! Gallery!! YES!

• May 10, 2012: That serial killer thriller starring James has now got a title! The Following! Kinda cool!

• May 9, 2012: According to Deadline, James Purefoy's unnamed serial killer series has been picked up.

And our Facebook fanpage for James has now exceeded 2000 fans! Excellent! If you haven't joined us over there yet, come on over!

• May 8, 2012: StarPulse has photos of James from recent events:,_James/

And here is more info on James' TV series where he plays the serial killer:

• May 3, 2012: Great news! Richard II will be shown in the US on PBS as part of the Great Performances series! James had a small part.

• May 2, 2012: James tweeted this today: "Recording the first ever dramatisation of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for BBC radio 4 today. Fascinating stuff." You can follow James on Twitter here:!/jamespurefoy

James has been making the rounds lately! He was was at the South Bank Sky awards in London at the Dorchester Hotel:

And he is pictured with Emma Freud at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill last night at a special screening of National Lampoon's Animal House to celebrate 100 years of universal cinema:

• April 30, 2012: James will play Rob in the BBC Two series "Episodes"

• April 26, 2012: Gorgeous gallery of James from last night's episode of Revenge, via!

And, some encouraging news about Solomon Kane:,e304874

• April 25, 2012: James will be on Revenge on ABC in the US again tonight! Check your local listings:

• April 23, 2012: Olivier Awards behind the scenes with a CUTE picture of James:

• April 20, 2012: James was at the premiere of Avengers Assemble in London! Here are some photos:

• April 19, 2012: Check out the GORGEOUS Revenge screen caps over at!

And acouple of write ups of last night's episode of Revenge:

• April 16, 2012: James made an appearance at the Olivier Awards last night and here area whole slew of image links for you! Sooo handsome!'actualité/james-purefoy-arrives-at-the-olivier-awards-2012-at-photo-dactualité/142942793'actualité/james-purefoy-arrives-at-the-2012-olivier-awards-photo-dactualité/142939666

And here is the Getty Images gallery!

Also, another YUMMY pic of James from Revenger, airing THIS Wednesday night! WOOT!'actualité/justice-whether-or-not-she-intended-it-to-happen-photo-dactualité/142614806

• April 15, 2012: Screencaps of the Revenge ad with James Purefoy over at the Perfect Purefoy Yahoo group! You'll need to join the group to see the images! :D

• April 14, 2012: Madeleine Stowe tells us that when Revenge returns, things will really be heating up between Victoria and her new love interest, Rome actor James Purefoy. "I call him much more than a love interest," she teases to us. "He's a beautiful man and it's a very visceral, physical kind of [relationship]. I think ABC had to go through and see what they could actually leave on the air or not, so I don't know what's going to end up being cut! But it's a very deep love, yes." Ooh la la!

Read more:

Thanks to Lenka for sending this! :D

• April 13, 2012: James on Revenge, Sneak Peek! Mama Mia that Man!

ActionFest 2012 Review: SOLOMON KANE Is The Pulp Adventure Conan Should Have Been

• April 11, 2012: Action Fest starts Tomorrow, April 12 and opens with the screening of Solomon Kane at the Diana Wortham Theater in downtown Asheville, NC! Schedule:

More Revenge goodies!

Look at that smile! She's a happy gal, and so LUCKY! ;)

And, that new pilot where our boy plays a serial killer is in the top most promising over at described as, "Violent, creepy, surprisingly un-stupid."

• Apri, 10, 2012: Oh my heart! Images of James in the upcoming episode of Revenge!

• April 7, 2012: More about James guest starring on ABC's Revenge, with a CUTE pic, too!

Oh yes, James will Heat Up Revenge! He heats up any project he's in!

• April 3, 2012: Revenge news and spoilers! Official description & spoilers from James' Revenge episode, airing April 18 in the US:

Oldie but a goodie. James at the Burma VJ premiere

• March 27, 2012: Heart-stopping James in Italian Vogue magazine! Whew! Man oh man!!

Taylor Kitch compares his friendship with James during filming John Carter to Butch & Sundance! :D

John Carter has done fantastic overseas, but in the US, not so well. If this has confused you, as it has me, this article says a lot about that and other issues with the marketing of the film:

• March 25, 2012: With the very strange circumstances that surround the struggles John Carter has had with the US box office, an open letter has been written and sent to Rich Ross, Chairman of Disney. You can read it here:

Listen Now to James in Otherwise Engaged, via BBC4 Radio:

James Purefoy's film, Richard ll, which he made last year has now got an approximate air date:

Latest Solomon Kane news via Michael Bassette's Blog:
"Solomon Kane; It's all exciting and there is an announcement planned but it's going to come around the time Kane screens at ActionFest. I won't be able to be there but James Purefoy is going to try and make and introduce the movie. Suffice to say that I'm very confident that, depending where you live, my American friends will get to see Kane in theatres later this year. And, as I said here before, when the time comes I'll be asking you all to really help create a positive vibe for the film. But more details as I have them."

• March 22, 2012: TV ad for Revenge with brief, but HOT clips of James!
Click here for Revenge Teaser

Come help us promote John Carter over at the new JohnCarterFiles forum!!

Don't miss the galleries over at the JamesPurefoy2 Yahoo Group!

• March 21, 2012: ABC's Revenge (James appears in one episode) will be aired in the UK thanks to a deal with Channel 4's E4!

• March 20, 2012: We now have an air date for the Revenge episode with James guest starring: April 18 on AMC!

And here are a couple of nice writeups on John Carter. Even though Disney seems to have given up on it, I'm still fighting the good fight. We need our sequel!

The Case For John Carter:

John Carter Movie Commentary:

• March 14, 2012: Crew and Fans of John Carter group to lobby for a sequel!!

Visit Barsoom again this Sunday (March 18th) & discuss the film after! Cinema as Art Discussion Group! If you live in Calif and want to participate, go here to sign up!

John Carter Fans Demand Sequel!

More great John Carter reviews and articles!

And, Kevil Bacon spotted out and about in Marietta GA. Some interesting tidbits here about the pilot James is shooting now:

• March 13, 2012: Another gret review of John Carter:

The John Carter cast & crew, including James, tell us what they think real aliens would look like:

• March 12, 2012: The latest blog entry from Michael Bassett about Solomon Kane and More:

Fans, let's get John Carter some great box office numbers this week and coming weekend! Overseas it's done marvelously, but in the US it hasn't done as well as it deserves! Please promote wherever you can, take your friends and family to see it, and share your great review of the film with everyone! I've seen it 3 times now and I want to go again! I adore the film! It deserves great success so we get our sequels (with more James)!

Two supurb promotional tools are the fan trailers that have gotten huge buzz because they're better than the official ones. Share these everywhere!

Fan Trailer #1 - Link:

Fan Trailer #2: Heritage - Link:

• March 10. 2012: John Carter takes #1 Friday Box Office! YES! I've no doubt it will take the weekend, too, due to excellent word of mouth and repeat viewings (I'm going for the third time tomorrow with friends).

Opening night audience reaction to John Carter!

• March 9, 2012: Solomon Kane opens Action Fest in North Carolina!

More great John Carter reviews!





• March 7, 2012: More John Carter news & great reviews!

Highlights from the UK John Carter premiere, with James and more:

NICE pic of James from the John Carter UK premiere:

Great images of James with Dominic West, Taylor Kitsch and more from the UK John Carter premiere:

Utah news talks filming John Carter:

Excellent Reviews of John Carter!!:

My Review - Khanada's Ramblings: "Something New Has Come Into This World" "A Welcome Sight..."

Film School Rejects: "How John Carter Succeeds Where the Star Wars Prequels Failed"

Den of Geek: "John Carter Review 4/5"

Bleeding Cool: "John Carter, The Bleeding Cool Review" "John Carter Review"

• March 5, 2012: Back from my trip and time to catch up on some news! Loads of stuff so here we go...

Video, Making of John Carter:

Video, The London Premiere of John Carter:

Another video from the London, John Carter premiere:

Director Andrew Stanton talks John Carter:[Movies]-Director-Andrew-Stanton-Talks-John-Carter.htm

Visiting the set of John Carter in Utah:

Out of this World, John Carter:

Lovely pics of James and the John Carter cast:

And more here:

Lots more info on James' serial killer role:

• February 29, 2012: Happy Leap Day, everyone! Here's the latest and greatest James news....

More fantastic reviews of John Carter! They just keep on comin'!

Read a bit more about James' character in the upcoming episodes (17 and 18) of Revenge:

"How will Victoria's new love interest enter the picture?

Kelley: This guy is somebody that's hooked into her deep past from before Conrad and David Clarke, somebody with intimate knowledge of the young Victoria and who she was before she started making all of these very dark choices. He's part of one of her very first dark choices. There's a lot of passion, a lot of danger and a lot of honesty that is going to surface with this guy.

How will his return affect Victoria going forward and her feelings about the family and about Emily?

Kelley: The relationship pops up as more of a secret for Victoria to keep. It's something that will — when it comes to light — become a problem. She will meet her former lover again in Episode 17 and then we will jump forward several months into the winter in Episode 18 and they will have continued on this affair and have become quite close."

And here's an exclusive interview with the director of John Carter, Andrew Stanton:

• February 28, 2012: Ireland fans! Here's a chance to catch the premiere of John Carter for free!:

• February 27, 2012: That FAB extended white ape scene from John Carter now up in high rez!! Yea baby!

On March 1st catch an new Exclusive clip and interview with Taylor Kitsch on MTV:

Another lovely photo of James from the John Carter premiere!

UK Fans! Win a pair of free IMAX 3D tickets to see an advanced screening of John Carter at

Aussie fans! Win free tickets to an advance IMAX 3D screening of John Carter:

• February 26, 2012: Great news for a Sunday, James has finally started being active with his Twitter account! YAY! Follow James here:!/JamesPurefoy

And here's one of the best John Carter movie reviews I've seen yet! The second 10 out of 10 stars!

• February 24, 2012: Fantastic! Extended white ape scene from John Carter and more new footage! God I LOVE this!

• February 23, 2012: Another big day for John Carter news! Last night was the premiere of the film in Hollywood. Check out the images and videos of James and the other cast, plus other news below...

James talks John Carter at the premiere!

"John Carter started Scifi." - James Purefoy (sayin' it like it is!)

Get more and lots of images at!

Loads of premiere pics here:"john-carter"-premiere-589166

John Carter Premiere images at

and here:

Daily Mail article with pic of James near bottom here:

Do you use GetGlue? Go check in to John Carter, Coming Soon!

• February 22, 2012: Here's some of the latest John Carter news. Firstly, an excellent fan-made trailer that's getting more buzz than the official ones!

JOIN THE CAMPAIGN! Fans grab Andrew Stanton's Twitter hash tag #GoBarsoom and start a digital grassroots media campaign for John Carter! Read more here:

Here's a great article (with SPOILERS). A detailed behind-the-scenes look at John Carter:

Squashing those inaccurate John Carter budget rumors:

Stanton, a huge fan of John Carter. Film is a passion project:

Check out the new Japanese trailer for John Carter, with an intro by Andrew Stanton:

John Carter is getting excellent early reviews!

* February 21, 2012: James and Dominic West hosted parties every night during the filming of John Carter! How cools is that!:

And, here are some great behind the scenes, with James, from the Spanish Ironclad DVD! Via

• February 16, 2012: Check out this marvelous collection of high-rez images from John Carter, including a few simply stunning shots of James as Kantos Kan!

• February 13, 2012: Utterly wonderful! Close Encounter with James Purefoy! James talks to pupils at The London Oratory School.

And, here's a great intro to John Carter. No James (darn it) but still brilliant! God I'm dying for this film!! YAY!

• February 9, 2012: Another new role for James... and this one is quite off the beaten path. A serial killer opposite Kevin Bacon's police detective. Check it out:

And, check out that the new color scan of James as Kantos Kan! Ohhh my heart! Thanks again, Eric! :)

• February 8, 2012: The latest and greatest John Carter trailer just released last night!

• February 6, 2012: Here's more info about James on Revenge: His first episode will air Feb 29th:

Revenge has a fan page here:

Check out the Extended Super Bowl ad for John Carter!

• February 1, 2012: On this, the 100th Birthday of the original John Carter story, we have.... now hold on to your hearts, friends... the FIRST image of James as Kantos Kan from the upcoming film! My friend Eric (huge thanks) scanned this (and I just ordered the book that contains it here):

• January 27, 2012: There are loads of things coming out for John Carter now! Here is the latest teaser trailer!!

The very best place to get all the latest John Carter movie news and more is!!

Also - Open liberal theatre in Hungary under attack and James joins other actors in support of the theatre.

• January 23, 2012: More about James' role on Revenge here:

• January 20, 2012: James has been cast in the ABC series, Revenge, as love interest to the character Victoria! I've never watched the series, no interest in it, until now, of course. :D Revenge returns with all new eps on Feb 8 in the US. Not sure if it shows in the UK or other countries, but you can find places to view episodes online.

• January 18, 2012: IMPORTANT! Our internet freedoms are threatened! Please sign this petition to oppose SOPA and PIPA:

And here is a nice simple graph outlining just how threatened our freedoms online would be. This site would be stripped clean of almost all content (videos, images, etc) if these bills are passed:

We want to end piracy, but not at the expense of the freedoms the rest of us enjoy.

• January 13, 2012: Some Ironclad news - Ironclad gets a Westcoast Film Premiere to coinside with the Magna Carta Exhibition!

- And here's anIronclad video with James that I don't recall seeing before:

• January 11, 2012: I hope everyone is having a very Happy New Year! Things have been pretty quiet lately here, but there are a few little things to share.

- Firstly, here are some search results where you can go visit various entertainment pages talking about "300: Battle of Artemesia" and add your comments about casting James as Themistocles opposite Eva Greene. I really hope he gets that role!!

- James shared his film knowledge with students at Kensington School!

- Both ERBZine and the official Disney John Carter site have updates to their John Carter pages! Check it out!

• December 20, 2011:
Word has it that James Purefoy may be up for the role of Themistocles in "300: Battle of Artemesia" He's a warrior and leader of the Greeks. Eva Green has been offered the part of Artemesia opposite Themistocles. Talk of this film and casting is all over the message boards and we need to go mention how much we'd LOVE to see James in this role and acting alongside Eva Greene again! Let's campaign for James!! I'm sorry I don't have any direct links to share but if you do a web search, visit and other film sites, you should be able to find entries and comments about this film and casting where you can write your own posts to support our James and spread word of our desire for him to be in this film! Let's Go!! :D -Nada

• December 12, 2011: The BBC website now has a page up for Rev episode 6. James will play Richard in this episode that airs this thursday, Dec 15th in the UK.

• December 5, 2011: Fiinally there's news about the episode of Rev that James will appear on. The episode is on Dec. 15th (UK only)

Also, another snippet from director Michael Bassett's Blog that mentions Solomon Kane: "...I'm really just an observer in these matters because I'm not a producer and don't have the millions of dollars on the line that they do. A decision seems to imminent but ev en when there is one, I'm not going to be able to tell you guys. It's all very secretive, for some reason. It's the same with Solomon Kane - I have news which is very exciting but can't say a thing yet."

• December 4, 2011: Here's a really nice interview with James for Solomon Kane that I don't remember seeing before.

• November 28, 2011: James speaks out in a video for Amnesty International about the sad story of Natalia Estemirova. :(

James Purefoy on Natalia Estemirova from Amnesty International on Vimeo.

And, James talks about stage to screen at the BFI London Film Festival. James comes in at about 8 minutes in.

• November 25, 2011: Happy Thanksgiving to all of James' US fans and blessings to everyone around the world. :)

James goes comedy in Rev, via
"Pure fun comedy - Having camped up his roles as Mark Antony in Rome and King Lot in Camelot, James Purefoy is moving in to straight comedy. The 47-year-old actor has signed up to appear in the second series of Episodes, the BBC sitcom starring Tamsin Greig. "People see me with a sword and chopping people's heads off, doing serious stuff, but I've wanted to do a romantic comedy for a long time," he tells Mandrake. Speaking at Action Aid's Call My Wine Bluff event, he adds: "If people don't find me funny, then I will retire gracefully from the world of comedy."

• November 23, 2011: Hope you're sitting down.. more photos from Hunger Magazine here: Whew! That Man!

• November 19, 2011: James attended the Call My Wine Bluff charity event and here are some images:

And here's a little writeup about the event:

Images and an article from the Small Steps charity event James also attended.

• November 8, 2011: The Aid of Global Poverty avent for Action Aid was last night. Here are a couple of links, one with a nice photo of James, clean shaven again. :)

• November 17, 2011: Now this is... well, see for yourselves. James Purefoy stunning interview at Hunger TV!! Swooooon <3

• November 7, 2011: James will appear on the UK TV series Rev. I'm not sure which episodes he'll be on, but here's a link about the show:

• November 6, 2011: Injustice, North American Preview on TVO! Cool! :D

• November 2, 2011: Vote for James and Flare path at the 2012 What's On Stage Theatergoers Choice Awards:

• October 31, 2011: Happy Halloween!! Got a lovely video of James interviewed via DNA "Digital News Agency"

• October 30, 2011: James interview, LeicesterSquareTV on Oct 30 2011!

And, some gorgeous images of James over at WireImage! Sighhhh

• October 29, 2011: A nice little video about Injustice. James and the other stars talk about it. Ah, he's so handsome!

• October 27, 2011: James attended the premiere of The Deep Blue Sea at the BFI 55th London Film Festival. Images at Getty! NICE :D

• October 21, 2011: Loads of images of James in Monaco at the Roger Dubuis - Soiree Monegasque at Hotel de Paris:

Go to gallery page 12:

Thanks to all of the fans who sent me links today! :D

• October 20, 2011: Recent pics of James! Lookin scruffy and lovely!

At hte BFI Awards:

Harper's Bazaar Flash Extras (image #21)

• October 17, 2011: Another article about the celebrity shoe auction James is part of. Selling his boots from Irondclad. Very cool!

• October 15, 2011: A cute little tidbit about one of James's stage experiences: ..."An actor doesn't have that luxury, as James Purefoy once discovered when performing at the National Theatre. He dried terribly, a third of the way through a two-page monologue. Instead of panicking, he told me, he decided to "go for a wander" – that is, do a circuit of the stage. But then he started to think: what happens if I get back to the front of the stage and I still don't know the line? Sure enough, that's what happened, so he did another circuit. Luckily, this time some words tumbled out and the monologue came back to him." - Nigel Farndale,

• October 12. 2011: James takes part in the Small Steps Project. Thanks Red!

And, more recent pics of James here:

• October 11, 2010: Mmmm scruffy James at the Four UK premiere last night. Sighhh:

And another one here:

• October 10, 2011: A positively GORGEOUS photo of James from GQ June issue.

james purefoy broadwayworld uk awards Pictures, Images and Photos

• October 9, 2011: Is James appearing in the sitcom, Rev?

• October: 8, 2011: You can vote for James and Flare Path via this link for the 2011 Broadway World UK Awards.

And, there are a few interviews here with James for Ironclad. Not sure I'd seen all of these before.

• October 6, 2011: James is a Mac user and lover of Apple products, as I am. It was very sad learning of the passing of Steve Jobs. May he have peace and may his legacy live on and continue to enrich lives. Thanks, Steve, for bringing us into the 21 Century with your innovations!

• September 27, 2011: James Purefoy backs Ed Miliband in celebrity video for Labour party conference.

• September 25, 2011: The Making of Solomon Kane video. Thanks so much Aby for sending the link:

• September 22, 2011: James joins other artists in protesting the suspension of "The Philharmonic Four."

• September 20, 2011: A video interview with James for Solomon Kane. YAY! The video is back and here is the link. Thanks Aby!!

• September 19, 2011: Lookin' oh so YUMMY at the GQ awards, there James! Sighhh ;) Thanks Tracy!!

• September 13, 2011: A nifty little article about how James got into acting.

• September 1, 2011: Here's a link to the Press and Interview section of the Rochester People site, with links to James interviews about the event. Many thanks to Jon at Restore Rochester Castle Committee for sending the link.

• August 31, 2011: A few links about James and Rochester Castle.

• August 29, 2011: Huge thanks to Jaye, at for sending more links to the event's photo galleries with great images of James:

Also, James in the Kent local news!

And a video from the Rochester event, though I don't think it's available to view outside of Europe. :(

• August 28, 2011: Lovely photos of James at the Rochester Castle screening of Ironclad! :D

• August 27, 2011: James is in the Midway Messenger. I assume it's this week, so be sure to check your newsstands if you're in the UK:

• August 24, 2011: Some news, after a long bout of silence... James will introduce Ironclad at the Rochester Castle open air screening! Man, I so wish I could be there!

• July 27, 2011: Interview with James over at Fault Magazine.

• July 25, 2011: Rather quiet on the news front lately. Waiting for official word on the status of The Saint. Will post here when news goes from rumors to official.

There's a nice little video interview with James on the set of Ironclad here:

• July 14, 2011: The Official John Carter Trailer is out!! No James in this one, but I'm sure we'll get to see him in upcoming trailers and/or clips!

• July 11, 2011: Finally a chance to add some quick links to news here. Sorry I'm a tad late on some of these. Been a busy time for me.

James talks Ironclad, John Carter and more:

Interview with James for Ironclad:

Official music video for Ironclad:

Writeup about Rear Column in London:

Plus: just today, tons of John Carter stuff is just starting to emerge. The teaser trailer will premiere ahead of Harry Potter on Friday! I love everything i'm hearing about this film!! YAY!! Here are a few links or interest.







• July 4th, 2011: James talks Ironclad and John Carter (of Mars)

• June 20, 2011: 20 screenshots from Ironclad. It will be here soon! Can hardly wait to see it! :)

• June 15, 2011: First, very teasy poster of John Carter (of Mars) released today!! Mr. Kitsch is looking mighty fine, though no James, yet. But I can hardly stand the wait to see the trailer before Harry Potter 8 next month!! WOO HOO!

• June 13, 2011: A wonderful interview with the "terribly pretty" James over at

• June 12, 2011: James is jealous of Hugh Grant? Nah! He just wants to do rom coms. Well, I'm not really into rom coms myself, but I'd sure love seeing James in anything. He's quite talented with comic timing... something he doesn't get a chance to do too often. :)

Sooo excited!! Looks like we'll be getting a trailer for John Carter (of Mars) before the final Harry Potter film!! WOO HOO!!! :D

• June 11, 2011: For those not in the UK, you can watch Injustice here: :D I've preordered my Injustice DVD from and I can hardly wait to watch! -Nada

• June 7, 2011: Injustice series preview

Intense clip from episode 1 of Injustice.

Plus more... Lovely interview with James over at with very nice photos, too.

Nice review of Injustice over at, and a nice photo...

Screenshots of James on the Lorraine show.

Interview with James over at TES Connect.

• June 6, 2011: Tonight's TV Highlights, Injustice on iTV1 at

And, a small collection of Photos of James over at

• June 4, 2011: Echo TV interview with James for Injustice. And another over at!

• June 2, 2011: Adventures on Holiday interview with James at! :D ... And NICE pics, too. This one is new to me. Sighhhh

ª May 31, 2011: Some great Injustice stuff out today. Interview with James at And a bit more over at, including the teaser trailer!

Also, more about the Shakespeare Works on BBC2 at

• May 30, 2011: Another write up about Injustice at

And, 7 Exclusive Ironclad images at

• May 29, 2011: Nice article about Injustice:

• May 28, 2011: "The BBC reveals today that Patrick Stewart, David Morrissey, Rory Kinnear, Lindsay Duncan, David Suchet and James Purefoy are to appear together in the first of a run of four big-budget Shakespeare plays to be made for television..." Awesome sauce!! :D

• May 27, 2011: TV schedule for Injustice here:

• May 25, 2011: The Trailer for Injustice is now online! Oh man, this is going to be GOOD!!

A lovely photo of James from Injustice. I can't wait to see the miniseries!! :D

• May 21, 2011: Another oh SO Lovely pic of James for Fault magazine!! Mmmm so nice!!

• May 10, 2011: Injustice on DVD is now available for pre-order from If you live in the US you'll need a multi-retion DVD player to view it. Amazon UK wil ship worldwide. And check out this new pic of James from the show... Almight God but WOW!!! THUD! ;)

• May 8, 2011: Website for Alice Norris, designer for the film Beau Brummell, with some lovely images:

• May 7, 2011: Ironclad gets a US poster, with a yummy James but an absolutely horrid tagline!

• May 5th, 2011: The Saint in New Orleans, starring James, now has an official website! Thanks so much Lynne and Cat! :)

• May 3rd, 2011: Excellent new trailer for Ironclad!! :)

• April 27, 2011: Looks like The Saint is finally happening!! Check out the news at!

And, some candid shots of James leaving The Haymarket Theatre over at

• April 25, 2011: TCM in the UK is currently showing Rome, with commentary by James. Here you can see video segments from his interview for the show!

• April 23, 2011: James will give an insight into making your way in theatre for Theatre Royal Haymarket's Master Class, UK. The subject will be King Lear. Here is more info:

And, seems James is hosting Rome on TMC in the UK. Had no idea about this and don't know how those of us outside the UK will get to see his commentary.

• April 21, 2011: James talks about Mark Antony... that oh so stunning performance that blew away everyone who ever watched HBO's Rome! (video)

• April 17, 2011: According to the official Solomon Kane facebook page, it looks like the evil-vanquishing puritan is headed to US theaters - FINALLY!! Check it out:

And, Taylor Kitsch teases about the John Carter of Mars trailer! Ohhhh boy! It's coming soon! I can hardly stand the wait! :D

• April 13, 2011: James talks Soccer (Football in the UK) over at Sky Sports:,21644,13871_5962970,00.html

• April 12, 2011: Adorable pic of James with Sheridan from the Olivier awards

• April 9, 2011: Video - James signs an autograph after leaving the South Bank Sky Arts Awards.

And, James was at the Young Filmmakers Awards to give away the award for best horror film - Video.

• April 3, 2011: Blast from the past, some nifty photos of James from Women Talking Dirty photocall over at Alpha Press:

And a nice gallery over at

• April 2, 2011: Ok, I think my big computer fixes and upgrades are done for awhile. So, now to catch up on news...

James all moody and gritty for Ironclad! Yum!

Niiice snapshot of James in Flare Path!

More lovely images of James over at Isopix!

Nice black and white pic of James over at Scanpic!

Wonder what's the big secret? ;)

Q&A (Audio) with James and the cast of Flare Path! Thanks Lynne!

A lucky fan encounter with James (photo)! :)

Flare Path review with photo:

Lovely photos of Flare Path.

Interview with James Purefoy for Ironclad:

• March 21, 2011: Glowing review of Flare Path over at The Telegraph!


• March 20, 2011: Some nice images of James in Flare Path at Rex Features. Unfortumately, you will need a password to see the full size images.

And, more shots from the Olivier Awards Gala, too.

• March 19, 2011: Ironclad's worldwide premiere will be at the ActionFest film festival in Asheville Carolina.

• March 18, 2011: James is not a method actor, he's an "eat like your character" actor. :D

• March 17, 2011: Video of the press party for Flare Path, with a couple of brief appearances by James.

• March 15, 2011: James was a presenter at the Olivier Awards. Here is their official website:

• March 14, 2011: Photos of James at the Olivier awards and Flare Path after party:

Dafydd Jones

• March 12, 2011: Video - Photoshoot for The Times! James comes in about halfway through! :)

And, here's a scan of the image (or one of the images) from The Times. :D

• March 11, 2011: Our hearts go out to all affected by the terrible earthquake in Japan. :(

Photos of James and the cast from a gala for Flare Path over at Getty Images! Big thanks to Tracy for sending the link! :)

More images from the Flare Path after party over at Zimbio! Thanks Susanne!
Oh, and check out the James Forum for loads more!!

Oh my, that smile! Swoooon.... :)

• March 10, 2011: Flare Path will be discussed on BBC Radio 3 in the UK tonight:

And... James interviewed over at The Arts Desk.

• March 9, 2011: James has backed plans to honour RAF Bomber Command aircrew as he prepares to open in a play highlighting their heroics.

A nice collection of photos from Flare Path! James is so dashing! Thanks Tracy for the link:

More Flare Path with photos of James! Thanks much, Patri!! :)

• March 8, 2011: Interview with Sienna Miller for Flare Path with a darling photo of James.

And, it seems Ironclad will be showing at Actionfest 2:

• March 7, 2011: Empire interview with James for Ironclad:

The Latest images of James at the backstage door after Flare Path.

• March 6, 2011: Film News interview with James for Ironclad & lovely photo!:

And, let the joy commence! First bit about the US release of Ironclad in June!! ::BOOGIE::

• March 5, 2011: TONIGHT! James will be on BBC Radio live. Here are the details:

• March 4, 2011: Been out all day long so now catching up on things. Firstly hoping opening night for Flare Path was smooth and wonderful for James and the entire cast! Nettie and I were there in spirit and it was on our minds all day today. :)

Ok, now, it's time for the latest news and interviews via various sites:

- The Scotsman
- Wales Online
- Empire Online
- Obsessed With Film
- Indie London

• March 3, 2011: One of the best interviews with James for Ironclad:

More great videos promoting Ironclad in the UK:

• March 2, 2011: There will be an interview with James in the Scottish magazine, The Big Issue. More info here:
Thanks Red!

All UK fans! Thurs at 18:10 on ITV 2 James Purefoy will talk about Ironclad on The Movie Show. Thanks again Red!! :)

Yet more happening in the UK: Per Ironclad Film on FB - "Watch Film 2011 tonight on BBC 1 at 22.45 for an interview with James and review of Ironclad"

• March 1, 2011: Great video interview with James over at HeyUGuys!

To watch more, visit

Another interview where James talks Ironclad, Solomon Kane, John Carter of Mars and more over at DenOfGeek!

• February 28, 2011: Lots of fun stuff today. Here we go...

Video: Interview for Ironclad, James says, "It's crimilal to be a boring history teacher."

Total Film has another video spot from this same interview.

Listen to Helen of Troy radio play over at BBC Radio (you don't have to be in the UK to hear it! YAY)

The List has an interview with James for Ironclad here:

Great reviews!
4/5 star Ironclad review over at DenOfGeek
Camelot, Ep 1 review over at DenOfGeek
Flare Path "Right on Target" review over at TheTelegraph

• February 27, 2011: James talks Ironclad, Marshall, and the violence in the film. Video played a bit wonky for me so I hope it works better for you:

There are screencaps posted both on Facebook page and over at the JamesPurefoy2 Yahoo group. I hope to be able to post a gallery here soon. Having problems with the video file I have so getting another from a friend.

• February 25, 2011: Gosh I love all of this James news!! Today, a very nice interview via BBC Friday Show.

And, here's the trailer for Flare Path:

• February 24, 2011: Lots of fun goodies today. Firstly, a nice little short video of James talking about filming Ironclad. This is via the Ironclad Film page over on Facebook: (sorry, no embed available)

A couple of great clips from Ironclad (thanks to Heike for this first one. I almost missed it!)

To watch more, visit

No embed code, but here's another clip over at DenOfGeek:

James talks about the Ironclad film screning on the side of Rochester Castle here:

Next... A very cute interview over at The Telegraph: "My Perfect Weekend - James Purefoy"

And... A nice writeup and image of James from Injustice! (Thanks Patri)

• February 23, 2011: New Ironclad clip with lots of the gritty, growling, Gorgeous James! Ohhh my blood pressure! ;)

• February 21, 2011: New, exclusive clip from Ironclad! Sorry it wouldn't give me an embed code. Here's the link:

And... James, Sienna Miller and Sharidan Smith rehearse Flare Path! :D HiRez Photos here...

• February 18, 2011: Radio show Helen of Troy, starring James, will be airing on BBC Radio 3 on Sunday, Feb. 27th! YAY! I've wanted to hear this for so long!

• February 17, 2011: A few new things to share. First, there's a new, longer trailer for Camelot over at YouTube. Here you go:

Gorgeous new image of James from Ironclad! God I cant' wait for this film!

Cute pic of James with Romola Garai and the lovely Jason Isaacs! :)

• February 10, 2011: Great news for Ironclad in the US! First sign of a release agreement! YAYYY!!!

• February 5, 2011: Cute little interview with James from Total Film and a lovely photo up top.

• February 1, 2011: YES!! The official and totally awesome Ironclad trailer for the UK is now out! Can hardly wait for word of a US release date. Soon I hope! Oh, James is ... Swooooon-inducing every time he's on screen - as always! But I do LOVE him in these kinds of roles. Sighhhh

To watch more, visit

• January 31, 2011: Here's a nice little interview with director, Andrew Stanton about John Carter of Mars. I really like Andrew and I love what he says, even though there is no mention of James. I can hardly stand the wait for the film!!

• January 27, 2011: James hits the London stage!! Here are a few links with info on the play Flare Path! :D

• January 23, 2011: Don't miss the two little video clips of James at the WFTV 2010 Awards posted to Facebook and to the Videos page here. Thanks so much Susanne!

• January 21, 2011: Several news tidbits today. Save The British Film More info here...

MIPTV will host the Camelot International Premiere Screening. I'll keep my eyes open for images of video from the event if James makes an appearance. More info here...

James talks about What Makes A Dandy in an article at "The dandy is a portrait of studied carelessness, but without the appearance of study." -James. Thanks Red!

• January 20, 2011: Looks like the soundtrack for Ironclad is to be released March 1st, though I'm not sure if this is a US, UK, or wide release: Anxiously awaiting film release news for the US and elsewhere... hope we'll get it soon!

Also, looks like there is a podcast about Camelot. Click here for more info and the link to listen:

• January 19,2011: Yippeee!! Disney moves the release date up to March 8, 2012 for John Carter of Mars! It makes the long wait a little shorter, which is okee dokee in my book! :D

• January 18, 2011: James is now supporting the Sharpes Children's Foundation charity. Here's more info! Thanks Red for the update!

• January 10, 2011: The official trailer is now out for Starz Camelot! Here is the link. :)

• January 4, 2011: Director Michael Bassett posted a nice message and behind the scenes photos from Solomon Kane to honor the passing of actor Pete Postlethwaite: Michael J Bassett's Blog.

Also, a behind the scenes short for Starz Camelot has been released. Hardly any sign of James in this, sadly. But the show looks good! :)

A release date for Ironclad has been announced for the UK: March 4th. As more dates come out I'll be sure to post them here.

• January 3, 2011: I am very sad to report that actor Pete Postlethwaite, who starred in many films, including Solomon Kane opposite James, has passed away. He was an incredible talent and he will be greatly missed. :(
New York Daily News.

• January 1, 2011: A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! And I've got the prefect gift for all you James lovers, too. Thanks so much to Lynne for sending me this link...

• December 29, 2010: Back from vacay and the only new bit of news since I've been away is that Camelot will debut on Starz on April Fool's Day (April 1st). Let's hope they aren't pulling our legs. ;) Happy New Year Everyone!! :D

ALERT: There will be a sneak preview of Camelot after the season finale of Spartacus on Feb. 25, 2011 Don't miss it!

• December 6th, 2010: Man about town that he is, James was at the Moet British Independent Film Awards 2010 last night. Images up at and

• December 3, 2010: James attended The Sky 3D Women in Film and Television Awards 2010 in London yesterday. Lovely images at and

• November 27, 2010: Oh so darling pics of James - Lacoste VIP Lounge at the ATP World Tour Finals! Simply edible in that awesome hat and scarf. :D

• November 25, 2010: A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

James is expected to appear at the WFTV Awards on 3DTV channel, Sky 3D. I hope someone over in the UK can catch this one.

• November 20, 2010: I just had to share this amazing fan video I discovered on YouTube. Solomon Kane set to one of my very favorite songs, "Burn My Shadow" by Unkle and a tribute for James. I've contacted the creator about adding this to the fan video section of the site. It's wonderful!! Enjoy! :D

• November 17, 2010: Check out James wearing "Hands Up Not Handouts" bracelets from Palestine. This is SO cool! :D

A couple of sneak peeks of the upcoming John Carter of Mars. No James in the video, but a look at the set as it's being built and a little storyboard. YAY! Exciting! :D Click to see storyboard art.

• November 10, 2010: It's been very quiet on the Purefoy front lately, but I think it's the lull before the storm. James has several things coming out in 2011, etc., and I'm sure soon we'll be hearing more and more about them, and other new projects.

Here's the lstest tidbits: Channel 4 will show Camelot int he UK:

Warner gained the rights to Ironclad for UK theatricla release:

Seems there might be an interview with James in an upcoming issue of TV Choice magazine in the UK:

• October 24, 2010: Joseph Fiennes is interviewed for Starz Camelot. Here's the full article followed by an exerpt.

What role is James Purefoy playing in the series?
CHIBNALL: He is appearing as King Lot, who is one of the great warlord power brokers, when Arthur attempts to ascend to power, so you'll see him from the first episode. He is one of the most fearsome villains I've seen on television and film for awhile. James absolutely jumped at the chance to do the show and has given us something really specific. He is a mean guy.
FIENNES: He's done an amazing job. On set we call him "James Pure Joy," so it's incredible that he's manifested such a mean-spirited warlord.

Pure Joy! Oh yes he is! Been calling him that for years now. LOL! :D

• October 19, 2010: Very nice reviews of Ironclad at! (thanks red!)

Also, there will be a screening of Ironclad in the Los Angeles area. Here's the info and a link: This open for anyone under the age of 39.

IRONCLAD film screening
Thursday, October 21, 2010
Showtime: 7:30 PM Pacific
Arclight 6360 W. Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

• October 17, 2010: Sorry for the delay in news tidbits. I've been without my computer for about a week. Here's the latest:

- Seems Solomon Kane is going direct to DVD in Australia:

- Michael Giacchino will score John Carter of Mars!

- Ironclad has a US distributor!! YAY!!!

- There was a special cast and crew screening of Ironclad on October 10th in London at the Empire Leicester Square. I've not seen any photos or articles from this so if you have please message me so I can post them. Thanks :D

• October 9, 2010: Camelot will be shown on CBC in Canada!

• October 7, 2010: In the UK Channel 4 will show Camelot!! When more channel news comes out for other places around the world I'll be sure to post it.

• October 6, 2010: Starz pimps its shows, including Camelot. The very tiny little snippet is at about 47 seconds in, and there's no James in the footage. I can hardly wait for the show!!

• October 4, 2010: A cute little interview with James' brother, William Purefoy from back when James was filimng Rome season 2. He mentions James a few times. William Purefoy Interview 9.2010 (pdf) Many thanks to Tracy for sending it to me. :)

• September 29, 2010: Here's the full length video with 3 appearances by James for the Empire Jameson Done in 60 Seconds Film Awards. Thanks Tracy & Red! :)

• September 27, 2010: Principal photography has started for Injustice. Here's the press release:

• September 22, 2010: Official press release for Injustice at

James is filming Injustice in Suffolk and London UK. Here are a couple of links bout it:

• September 21, 2010: Oh, this is a NICE pic of our lovely man, posted over at Flixster.

Also, seems James was out and about over the weekend and there are photos at Wireimage. News posted by Red over at the Yahoo JamesPurefoy2 group:

• September 17, 2010: And another, better pic of James in his glasses. Soooo darn adorable! I'm in love all over again. Thanks Red! (click image for nice big version)


• September 16, 2010: More from the TAG Heuer 150th party: and

• September 15, 2010: Photos of James attending a 150th party for TAG Heuer at Selfridges in Oxford and looking simply ADORABLE in those glasses! Sighhh :D - Thanks Red!

• September 13, 2010: A article about Deadman in Deptford.

• September 9, 2010: Looks like another new project for our boy. The film "Past Imperfect." Starring opposite one of my very fave actresses, Gillian Anderson! SWEET! Thanks Patri! :D

There's more info here, but this makes me think it's too early to get too excited about this: We shall see...

• September 8, 2010: A nice little interview with James in Mexico for Solomon Kane. Thanks Roberto for sharing this on Facebook!

• August 30, 2010: An article about Starz Camelot: and you can follow the official Starz Camelot page on Twitter here:

Another artcle about Camelot here:

• August 29, 2010: Matthew Gant, designer for Injustice, has a portfolio website. Maybe he'll post some of his designs for the show there soon.

• August 28, 2010: Press Release today - Injustice, a new TV series project for James! It's iTV so I think that's just for the UK. Praying those of us outside of the UK will get to see it.

• August 25, 2010: The Ironclad panel with pics, video, and transcript is up at James talks John Carter of Mars, and Jason Flemming teases him over his hand gestures. Love Jason and that marvelous enthusiasm!! :D

• August 24, 2010: Ohhhh oh oh, James in Jeans again and this lovely shot (below) Gleee!! Some very nice photos of our lovely man while in Mexico for Solomon Kane! Patri found this, thanks hon!

• August 22, 2010: Two photos of James from the Empire Movie Con promoting Ironclad! Love that scruff! ;)

• August 19, 2010: Another Spanish article with James and WOW! I reeaallyy like that pic they used in the background! YUMMMM!

• August 17, 2010: James talks a bit about John Carter of Mars (which I'm beyond excited for) while in Mexico to promote Solomon Kane.

James Purefoy y el proyecto de Andrew Stanton from Cine PREMIERE on Vimeo.

• August 15, 2010: I'm completely done in right now after seeing these latest images of James at the BFI Southbank screening of Ironclad! See them all here: Are you sitting down? lol!

• August 14, 2010: James doing some photo-posing in Mexico. :D

• August 13, 2010: Short little interview video from James in Mexico for Solomon Kane.

James Purefoy habla de Solomon Kane from Cine PREMIERE on Vimeo.

Also - A short little article from Mexico www/ (in Spanish). If you can't read Spanish you can use Google Translate to read these articles. It does a pretty good job. :)

• August 12, 2010: More of James in Mexico at (in Spanish). Plus, Photocall @

• August 11, 2010: The first interview in Mexico for Solomon Kane. You can watch at this link, too: That man is cute as ever! :D

Watch live streaming video from homocinefilus at

• August 9, 2010: Disney has announced the release date for John Carter of Mars!! - June 8, 2010! Ohhhh I must find patience! I can hardly wait! :D

• August 7, 2010: A few links about Camelot:

Tweet Feed:

IMDB Board:

• August 6, 2010: Apparently, there is a meet and greet with James for the Mexico opening of Solomon Kane. I can't read the Spanish, but here is the link...

• August 4, 2010: Some info and images from the Starz production of Camelot! Thanks Holz!!

• July 31, 2010: Correction!!: Solomon Kane will be opening in Mexico on August 11th titled something like "Demon Hunter" and James will be there to help promote the film... It will open in Argentina on September 30th.

Solomon Kane' (bajo el nombre de 'Cazador de Demonios'...) aterriza en los cines de México el 13 de agosto de la mano de CorazónFilms. Además, el 11 de agosto James Purefoy estará en México capital para promocionar la película. James Purefoy estará el 11 de agosto en México DF promocionando Solomon Kane, que se estrena en los cines de México el 13 de agosto.

Thanks Patri

• July 23, 2010: A new sneak peek of Ironclad, with a few brief glimpses of our James. I love the cast and can hardly wait to see it!!

• July 21, 2010: Starz announces start of production on "Camelot" series to air in early 2011. James will star as King Lot and filming is currently taking place in Ireland. Fabulous!

• July 16, 2010: James was at the Inception VIP screening the night of July 13th, along with the rest of the cast of Starz "Camelot." Yes, it seems our boy will be a part of that production. More info when it emerges. There is a tiny photo of James from the screening, in all of his scruffy glory. YUMMMY! ;)

• July 11, 2010: There will be an Ironclad panel at Comic Con, no info on whether James will be there. Here's the full Friday schedule link: and basic info:

Time: 8:30-9:30 pm, Room 7AB. Ironclad Panel and Footage— A medieval Magnificent Seven that combines the visceral action of 300 with the impassioned heroism and romance of Braveheart, Ironclad is a violent action thriller that tells the true story of a motley crew of tough, battle hardened warriors, who withstood several brutal and bloody months under siege, in a desperate bid to defend their country’s freedom. Starring James Purefoy, Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox, Kate Mara, Jason Flemyng, and Derek Jacobi. Filmmakers Jonathan English (Minotaur), Andrew Curtis (Lost In La Mancha), and Rick Benattar (Shoot 'em Up) will screen an 11-minute battle sequence from the film and host a Q&A afterward. Special surprise guests to appear!

• June 30, 2010: Excellent news! Solomon Kane DVD & Blu Ray are #1 in the UK! Sweet!

• June 28, 2010: In honor of the UK DVD / Blu Ray release of Solomon Kane, here is a short video interview with James about the film.

• June 10, 2010: James Purefoy and Rachel Speed attend the Art Antiques London Gala Party on June 9, 2010 in London, England. Via

• June 3, 2010: Ah, it's James birthday today! We all wish that beautiful (inside and out) man every happiness!

Also, there's a brief little interview with James for Solomon Kane over at

James appeals for aid in Haiti via ActionAid UK.
If you live outside the UK, please utilize your favorite charity. Thank you.

• May 26, 2010: James attended the Louis Vuitton Bond Street Maison - Launch Party last night. Gorgeous photo at More photos at and

And here's a brief article about the party over at

Image courtesy of

• May 25, 2010: Action Aid UK Radio Ad with James -" If you live in the West Country [England] tune into Heart FM and keep your ears out for our ad. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Hollywood actor and South West resident James Purefoy who very kindly donated his time and voice to record our advert." Hoping they will post this audio on their website at some point.

Also - Via Michael Bassett's Blog - Michael Moorcock, World renowned science fiction and fantasy writer said of Solomon Kane: "LOVED Solomon Kane. One of the best supernatural adventure stories I’ve ever seen, true to the spirit and mood of Howard, great camerawork and editing. James Purefoy was perfect as Kane.Why this hasn’t got substantial American distribution I don’t know. I would work with Bassett any day on the strength of this film.” - This is one of the coolest things evah!! :D

• May 18, 2010: The Cannes promo sheet for Ironclad is posted in pdf format at It's the third one down in the list. Thanks "Red" from the Perfect Purefoy Yahoo group!

• May 17, 2010: Firstly, encouraging news posted over at the Conan forum by Wandering Star. A possible Autumn US relase in theaters of Solomon Kane! YAY!

And, eleven minutes of Ironclad was shown at Cannes. There's a brief writeup and short interview with the director Jonathan English over at

• May 10, 2010: Five Facts About Solomon Kane via Xtreamer Magazine with a short interview with James.

• May 7, 2010: Ironclad overcomes financial woes. Also, looks like an 11 minute clip will be shown at Cannes. Reported at

• May 2, 2010: Solomon Kane second in Top 10 the in World, 2010. Too bad the US, Australia, and other countries who have not gotten a release of Kane are not included in "the world."

• April 30, 2010: James joins Beating Bowel Cancer charity. He said, "I'm supporting Beating Bowel Cancer's BE LOUD! BE CLEAR! campaign, having lost a close friend to bowel cancer when she was in her thirties. This tragedy highlighted to me that the disease can strike at any age. I urge people to get symptom-aware and see their doctor early if they're worried." Thanks Redhol2000.

• April 29, 2010: James does a self portrait for the ActionAid "Make Your Mark" campaign. Gosh, our lovely man is so talented! :D

• April 27, 2010: Why is it Brit actors are playing American characters? Well, James has an interesting little quote about that, "We are often referred to in Los Angeles as white Mexicans" -James Purefoy on the attitude towards British actors/

* April 25, 2010: James attended the Audi Sponsors Cinderella Ballet at The Royal Opera House in London last night.

• April 22, 2010: James to participate in the panel for BFI discussion, "Making it in the States: British actors and directors on American TV" Here's more info:

John Carter of Mars, Steve Meyer 3D rendering test footage of a Green Man from Barsoom! The video is a mixture of other work This has me filled with utter GLEE this morning! :D

• April 20, 2010: A nice interview with Michael Bassett for Solomon Kane via

So quiet lately, but hopefully we'll get some confirmation of new project stuff very soon.

• March 27, 2010: Lovely production works from the John Carter of Mars film posted at

• March 26, 2010: Nice write up over at The Cimmerian. A bit of speculation about the Solomon Kane DVD release, worldwide theatrical release dates, and possibilities. Though this sounds pretty hopeless for a US theatrical release, still, I'm holding onto hope...

• March 24, 2010: Stilt walkers needed for John Carter of Mars filming in southern Utah.

• March 23, 2010: John Carter of Mars begins filming in Austin, TX. As far as I'm aware, James isn't filming in TX. The scenes filmed here should be the pre-Mars ones.

• March 17, 2010: John Carter of Mars, currently filming in London, will be shooting in Kane county, Utah.

• March 12, 2010: James participates with other celebs in the Amnesty International Everyday Should Be Mother's Day initiative. View the video here:

• March 9, 2010: A nice long video interview with Michael Bassett with clips.

• March 7, 2010: Disney filming John Carter of Mars in Dorset England,

Also: Adorable doodle by James up for charity auction.

• March 3, 2010: Solomon Kane article at e-magazine. Thanks Red!

• Feb. 27, 2010: Interview with James at the Houston, for Solomon Kane at TIFF. Adorable pic as well. :)

Thanks to Holly for sending me a flyer from the Forbidden Planet appearance! So Cool!! :D

• Feb. 24, 2010: Solomon Kane is at the very top of the page, so pop by and watch the trailer, just in case they may be tracking how much interest there is in it by number of views.

And, there are some nice UK article scans for Kane at this blog:

• Feb. 22, 2010: Latest images of James on KMK over at

And, photos of James from his interview.

And, interview with James at

• Feb. 21, 2010: Cute interview with James over at

• Feb. 20. 2010: James and Mike Bassett met a whole slew of fans at Forbidden Planet in London today! Watch the video!

Solomon Kane is getting great reviews from both critics and fans. Hopes are high that US and other release dates will soon follow. In the meantime be sure to Demand It to be shown in your city!

And, James Purefoy and Willem DaFoe film some John Carter of Mars scenes at Christ's Hospital Boarding School in Horsham, TheArgus: Brighton News.

• Feb. 19, 2010: It's the BIG DAY! Solomon Kane is released in the UK. Here are the latest news bits: Wonderful praise for James at

And, Interview with James at

And, Interview with James at

And, James on London Tonight Tonight.

And, read the first chapter of the Solomon Kane film novelization at

And, a few nice reviews: & this one is good coming from Guaridan,

• Feb. 18, 2010: Be sure to check for images and more from James appearance there on the 16th.

Digital Magazine Talk Sports has a short article, video iinterview and gives Kane 4/5!!

More James interviews for Kane today.

And. over at

And, has yet another interview.

• Feb. 17, 2010: SFX review of Solomon Kane 4/5 stars.

And, video interview with James at

And, EmpireOnline webchat with James transcript is now up.

And, interview with James at

And, TotalFilm Q&A with James.

And, Solomon Kane review at

• Feb. 16, 2010: Loads of Kane stuff going on. Another great video interview with James can be found at

PRESS RELEASE: James Purefoy @ Forbidden Planet!! Don't you dare miss it, you oh so lucky UK fans!! :)

And, there was a live chat at that I missed. Should be a transcript there for review soon.

And, a nice Solomon Kane review can be found at with this marvelous quote, "[James Purefoy] shouts and growls his way through the script like a West Country Batman"

And, IGN Movies has met James Purefoy and Michael Bassett, promoting Solomon Kane:

• Feb. 15, 2010: Audio interview with James for Solomon Kane at Excellent stuff! :D

And, some new images from Solomon Kane.

• Feb. 12, 2010: New video, James talks more Solomon Kane at

And, another video, James gives a little tidbit about John Carter of Mars and his take on the Oscars. :D

And, Spotlight on James @ Nice interview about Solomon Kane.

• Feb. 10th, 2010: James snagged a quick shot of the Solomon Kane bus ad in London. This was originally posted on Mike Bassett's blog. Very cool!!

• Feb. 9th, 2010: Another wonderful video interview with James at

And, a bit of news about filming John Carter of Mars in Utah:

• Feb. 8, 2010: James is interviewed on BBC News Morning show for Solomon Kane. I just LOVE this.

And, The Sun featured an article on Solomon Kane, too, with great photos. Mmm, that bod all tattooed. Nice!

And, James participated in a charity event as a contestant in a quiz to raise money for the Centrepoint charity for homeless people. No photo of James has surfaced yet that I can find, but here is a brief writeup.

• Feb. 7, 2010: Swashbuckling James tells all about his injuries while filming Solomon Kane. Of course I really want them to get to do the trilogy, but I'll worry myself to bits over his wellbeing. Cant' help it.

• Feb. 6, 2010: Such darling "Photo Booth" pics of James a the Mat Szwajkos website: - Click on "Celebrity" on the left, then click on "InStyle Celebrity Photo Booth, then click the right arrow at the bottom and he's the fifth photo from the left. Yummy!! ;)

• Feb. 4, 2010: Portions of John Carter of Mars will be filmed in the Lake Powell area. More at The Lake Powell Chronicle

• Feb. 2, 2010: Additional details about the Forbidden Planet Kane signing in London on Sat. Feb. 20th with a nice new photo, though I really wish it was bigger.

Also, First look Ironclad poster! OMG! This has slayed me totally. I'm a mess I tell you! A total mess!!

• Jan. 29, 2010: James & Mike Bassett will be at London's Forbidden Planet to do a signing for Solomon Kane on Feb. 20th. If you can make it, be sure to drop by.

• Jan. 22, 2010: Wonderful interview with James and Mike Bassett for Solomon Kane in France. I just adore James expressions and the enthusiasm radiating off of them both. I can't believe I still haven't seen this film! UGH!

Also, seeking extras for John Carter of Mars in both the UK and Utah!

* Jan. 20, 2010: Get Solomon Kane on your smart phone, sign up for alerts and email newsletter @

• Jan. 18, 2010: Ciaran Hinds officially joins John Carter of Mars. WOOT!!

Also, James donates to ActionAid to support the Haiti relief efforts.

• Jan. 15, 2010: John Carter of Mars has started filming in London! So excited!! :D

• Jan. 13, 2010: Sneak peek at the Ironclad trailer! Oh my heavens, that VOICE!! ::swooon::

• Jan. 11, 2010: The lovely Polly Walker talks about her upcoming role in John Carter of Mars. I'm so utterly pleased about her casting it's crazy! She's beyond perfect for Sarkoja!! Wow!

• First image of James from Ironclad, and it's a "killer!" ;) (click here for full size image and short writeup)

• Jan. 1, 2010: Producer Paul Berrow reports: Solomon Kane #2 in Spain on opening day! (click here)

Paul Berrow, "Well here it is. Opening night we landed the number 2 slot very slightly behind the mighty Avatar in the stats.This is really great news for the start of the New Year....the distributors are very happy and tell me the natural response to the film has surprised even their optimistic expectations. They have been great believers in the franchise right from the start and supported the unique approach to the material. I can see the Spanish speaking world going bright green on my web audit software this morning.Its an important language in global terms as you can imagine.Roll on 2010!"

Also: James Purefoy is "reasonably adventurous" when it comes to food. When interviewed about Heston's Xmas feast he said, "Nothing really scares me food wise."

• Dec. 31, 2009: Spanish magazine scans posted at with lovely portrait of James:

• Dec. 30, 2009: More from Spain. Two web interviews with oh so lovely images of James. Also an interview with Mike Bassett. These are in Spanish, but you can either use the Google toolbar or paste the URL into search and click "translate page":

• Dec, 28, 2009: Two videos of an interview with James for Solomon Kane recorded in Spain:

Also, according to James in one of these videos, Heaven and Earth is going ot happen! YAY! Great news!!

• Dec. 26, 2009: A short Spanish article about Solomon Kane with a gorgeous photo of James. Here is the Google translated version link:

• Dec. 22, 2009: Great interview recorded in France for Solomon Kane. Both James and Michael Bassett talk about the film:

• Dec. 15, 2009: Some new images from Solomon Kane emerging on some Spanish sites:

• Dec. 14, 2009: James appeared on the holiday food special with Heston Blumenthal and was served a dormouse lollypop.!!

• Dec. 9, 2009: Latest Solomon Kane in-depth interview with Michael Bassett in France. http://www.allocine.frLove his comments about James, Kane, and fantasy films.

Video of James and Mike Bassett at French premiere of Kane: Very dark & awful music in the intro & exit, but worth seeing for the brief camera-flash glimpses of James. :)

Also, latest photos of James at the Paris Kane premiere: (search James Purefoy) and redhol2000)

• Dec. 2, 2009: James will take part in a strange sounding Christmas dinner by chef Heston Blumenthal. Channel 4, UK. I so can't miss this!!

• Nov. 22, 2009: Access Hollywood video interview with James about The Philanthropist. Originally recorded June 24, 2009:

• Nov. 14, 2009: Ironclad Recreates Rochester Castle Siege - In Wales.

• Nov. 14, 2009: Ciaran Hinds to play Tardos Mor in John Carter of Mars! YAY!! - Full cast & crew:

• Nov. 13, 2009: Director Michael Bassett squashes rumors that Lionsgate has picked up Solomon Kane. Drat! :(

• Nov. 11, 2009: A nice writeup about the story of Ironclad.

• Nov. 8, 2009:'s Exclusive Interview with Michael Bassett: "Understanding Solomon Kane."

• Oct. 31, 2009: Interview with James and Michael Bassett for Moving Pictures Magazine, Toronto 2009.

• Oct. 30, 2009: Some behind the scenes video from Ironclad. No James that I could see. (Thanks Redhol2000 for posting this to the yahoo group).

• Oct. 29, 2009: Solomon Kane on the web.

- The official French Solomon Kane website has launched:

- Fan the Solomon Kane Page Officielle on Facebook.

• Oct. 28, 2009: A bit of casting news about Ironclad.

• Oct. 24, 2009: Two articles from about Ironclad beign filmed at Dragon Studios in Cardiff, England.-
The video at the top of the one below seems to have nothing to do with the article. Maybe it's an error and they'll correct it at some point.

Also, The French Solomon Kane poster is revealed with this nice article:

• Oct. 21, 2009: It's official, we've seen all we're going to see of The Philanthropist. It's been cancelled: It's not a big surprise, but still sad.

• Oct. 6, 2009: More Solomon Kane stills here: (Yummy!! Thanks Patri)

Also - Solomon Kane will play twice at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain on Oct. 10th. More information and showtimes are litsed on the Sitges official site. (Thanks Redhol2000)

• Sept. 30, 2009: Excellent news, James will star in film John Carter of Mars, an Edgar Rice Borroughs story. James will play Kantos Kan, the "Han Solo-esque" captain of Xavarian, the Kingdom of Helium’s grand warship. This is going to ROCK! Read more here: - - - - liveforfilms - ramascreen

• Sept. 26, 2009: News and shooting locations for Ironclad:

Fab response to Solomon Kane at Fantastic Fest in Austin TX!

•Sept. 25, 2009: Excellent Friday Night Flicks review of Solomon Kane from Fantastic Fest!

•Sept. 24, 2009: Today Michael Bassett and Paul Berrow are in Austin, TX for Fantastic Fest where Solomon Kane will be showing. the latest news is pending at Solomon Kane on Facebook.

•Sept. 23, 2009: From TIFF: Introduction and Q&A with Michael Bassett and James. The videos are very dark, but the sound is pretty good.

Plus, Tomorrow is the day for Kane in Austin, TX. If only I could have scored tickets, I would have found a way to go! DRAT! Michael Bassett will attend, but James was unable to be there for this showing.

•Sept. 22, 2009: The website for the SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival with info about Solomon Kane and the trailer. You can get your tickets here:
You can also change the language (to English) on the site. (Thanks Patri from

•Sept. 21, 2009: The latest links for Kane at TIFF, with some images of James and Michael: - petemonsterLJ

Also... Solomon Kane will be shown in Spain at the Siges Festival: -

•Sept. 19, 2009: More news & reviews of Kane: - Cinematical - -

•Sept. 18, 2009: Some news about Ironclad, newsbriefs.ew - - - -

•Sept. 17, 2009: TIFF reviews of Kane are pouring in! - -

James images from TIFF: - - Also check James Facebook page for loads of new and old images!

•Sept. 15, 2009: Solomon Kane Featurette! WOOT!!

•Sept. 15, 2009: Loads more Kane news today via Google and other alerts: cinerati - - - - (with screencaps!)

• Sept 13, 2009: Latest on TIFF - James is at the Toronto Film Festival with Michael Bassett for Kane - Fear Net: click here. Thanks Redhol2000!Hollywood Reporter: click here.(click here)

• Sept. 11, 2009: The English version of the Solomon Kane trailer is up finally! It's stunning!!!:

• Sept. 8, 2009: Very nice writeup about James and Kane for TIFF:

• Sept. 7, 2009: Purchase tickets to see Kane at TIFF: The Toronto International Film Festival, here: Boy, I sure wish we could go!

• Sept. 6, 2009: Good news! James will be much more careful and selective about doing his own stunts. Little quote about Ironclad at this link:

• Sept. 4, 2009: High hopes for Kane getting picked up at Toronto Film Festival. Here's the artile that talks about it.

• Sept. 4, 2009: James signed up for the 10:10 campaign to cut emmissions! Click here to learn about it. Sign up now!

• August 20, 2009: James expected to attend the Toronto Film Festival with Michael Bassett for the showing of Kane (click here)

• August 17, 2009: Brand NEW Kane stills here!! Wish they were bigger, dang it!

• August 16, 2009: More Comic Con images as of August 09 Through the Lense Blog spot. (click here)

• July 31, 2009: Loverly little Q&A with James for MyLife & Action Aid. Good Stuff!! (click here)

• July 28, 2009: More about that injury James got on the set of Solomon Kane. Sounds so scary, thank God it was not serious! (click here)

• July 26, 2009: Photo and a little tidbit from the set of Philanthropist. (click here)

• July 25, 2009: • The First COMIC CON review of the Kane presentation there: (click here) And here's Michael Bassett's first Tweet after arriving at the Con: "walking through crowds at SDCC with James P getting stopped every 10 yards, I spend most of my time taking pictures for people with James." LOL! Yep, figured that would be the case. :)

• July 24, 2009: Seems James posted a write up about the Philanthropist Episode 5, Kosovo. Very very nice. (click here)

•July, 24, 2009: Several new Kane news bits and LOVE the new images and poster!! (click here)

Also, some news about Kane at Comic Con. (click here)

IMDB will be updated with Comic Con news so keep watch. (click here)

Seems there will be posters ready to be signed for Kane at the Con. (click here)

•July, 21, 2009: Kane invited to Toronto Film Festival-Dates forthcoming. (click here)

• July 20, 2009: You can now download full episodes in regular and HD versions from iTunes store! :)

• July 16, 2009: Another nice image of James at the Burma VJ UK Film Premiere. (click here for article & more images) YAY!


• July 15, 2009: James at the Burma VJ UK Film Premiere. Lovely photo. (click here)


• July 11, 2009: Three news bits:
- James is now working with ActionAid charity. A very lovely video! (click here) And some more about it here.
- The Fast & Loose theater has a new patron, James! (click here)
- James attended the Serpentine Gallery summer party in Hyde Park.
(click here)

• July 8, 2009: James joined the anti-poverty group Action Aid (click here)

• July 7, 2009: A few news tidbits: James will join Michael Bassett for Comic Con in Calif end of this month. (click here)

• July 1, 2009: Seems James might not have gotten the chance to meet Pres. Obama when he visited the White House. (click here)