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Journal Entry: December 29, 2008

Been thinking about our lovely boy over the holidays, poor dear getting his head gashed while filming Kane and pulling a hammy filming The Philanthropist. It seems, according to what he said in our little interview, that the man is covered in scars (swoooon - ahem). But I sure hope he'll take good care of himself in the future. Hey, I'm very impressed that James wants to do his own stunts, heck, I'm sure it's a big part of enjoying the full spectrum of the roles he plays, but obviously we all can't help but worry over his well being. It sure would be sweet to be his personal nurse. To take really gooood care of him and give him my undivided attention until he's all healed up and ready to dive into the danger zone all over again... **shakes self** ok, back to boring ol' reality. ;)

Journal Entry: December 24, 2008

Finally, after being with family and friends in Florida for the past 2 weeks, as well as catching up on work over the past couple of days, I've found the time to come do some site updates and get some christmas ecards done to send out at the very last minute. :)

Even with 2 weeks worth of time devoted to visiting back home, it went so fast, we didn't stop and still didn't get to see everyone we wanted to. Last weekend after our return on Sat afternoon, we were totally BEAT! Just exhausted. The overwhelming sleeping potion feeling didn't begin to subside until late yesterday afternoon. I tell ya, having to catch up on work and get back into the swing of normalcy was NOT easy, but we pulled it off. It's great to be home, though we really miss our loved ones.

Thanks guys for all your patience. We wish everyone a wonderful, blessed and happy Christmas and the best new year ever!! xo -Nada & Nettie

Journal Entry: November 20, 2008

I've been so busy with fan communications and writing up a recap, that I haven't, until now, had time to write a little bit here about the wonderful interview with James on Sunday, Nov. 16! I certainly cannot say enough good about James and how kind, generous, patient and warm he was on the call. All details are in the The Interrogation of Mr. P. Recap (pdf), so please read it if you want the full account. It has been indicated that James enjoyed it and would be willing to do another interviews sometime, but it wasn't promised and he is a very busy man. So if it can happen again, I will certainly do all I can to organize it and have all kinks worked out so that we have a nice recording to listen to afterwards next time. :)

I can't thank James enough for giving of his time to us. There was a lot of laughter and fun during the call and I did all I could to be a good, professional host while also keeping the conversation going with thoughts and ideas and the marvelous questions submitted by fans. I want to also thank all of the fans who have been so understanding of the technical glitches that prevented us having anything but a tiny little recordingof the event. The fans who called in were considerate while listening in on the line and only came forward to ask their questions when invited in (and I apologize to anyone who didn't get to talk directly to James - I did my best and knew he had limited time. I tried to ask questions that all of us wanted the answers to, that were interesting and perhaps not things we might learn in an magazine interview someday). The whole thing came together so fast, but it went well barring the tech troubles, and now that I'm past beating myself up for the mistakes, I'm just happy as punch about it and all of the little details keep coming back to me and bringing a smile to my face. I know many of you feel the same. :D

Journal Entry: November 1, 2008

A very quick entry today. Monday, and a crazy morning as is typical for Monday's it seems. I'm hoping to come up with a new poll question soon, with help if anyone sees this or my other messages and has any ideas that we haven't yet done. Every time I try to think of something, I realize geez, we've done that already. LOL! Had a rather nice little dream of James last week. I think it's because I miss him. Quiet on the JP news front, but knowing he's been busy filming The Philanthropist is very exciting! YES! James on TV once a week in a series! Can't get better than that! Ok, back to work for me...

Journal Entry: October 2, 2008

Yesterday was my birthday, but it didn't feel like it. Just another day. Can hardly believe another year's gone by. I'm just really glad I finally got my high-speed interent back up! It's been impossible to keep up with things online but I will have a new gallery posted soon, catch up in the forum this weekend and hopefully we'll be seeing some breaking James news VERY soon! BEG! :D

Journal Entry: September 30, 2008

Just have to say, I'm SO happy James is filming in the UK for The Philanthropist and not relocating to LA!! Yes, well, ok... he'd be a bit closer living in the US for a spell, but he belongs in England, near his loved ones. Ok, back to work. Just had to comment and since I STILL have no internet connection at home, I had to come on here at the office to put in my 2 cents. :)

Journal Entry: September 5, 2008

A quick little note since I hadn't posted anything in about a month. Geez, time sure zooms by! It has been quiet, but I think soon things will be picking up and we'll get new and exciting James news! I sure hope Diamonds will get released soon and that we'll start to see some promotion for Solomon Kane. Oh, and something final about The Philanthropist, too.

Journal Entry: August 8, 2008

I just had to post these. Nettie and I got creative at this morning and made a bunch of little people, a few of which were James characters. They turned out so adorable! LOL! I wish they had more period costume options. I was kind of amazed we had what we needed for Mark and Blackie. :D

Journal Entry: August 4, 2008

Wow, has it been a month already? What with traveling and other things keeping me busy lately I haven't been participating much in the forum or doing many of updates to the site. Things have overall been rather quiet on the news front but for tidbits about The Philanthropist. I will have new caps soon, thanks to Kelly, and now that Nettie is back home and getting settled in, there should be more time for creativity. Been feeling the urge to create a new wallpaper or something, but just haven't had time. Will do something soon, though. :)

Journal Entry: July 2, 2008

A young James is Marie Brennan's pick for her character Devon in her fantasy novel Doppelganger. So, now I gotta go get this one!

I want to apologize to everyone for taking so darn long to get the Dance to the Music... caps posted. I got sidetracked with all of the other site updates, and wanted to get them done before tackling the new caps, since I changed the layout of the galleries. Also, the site is so...... HUUUGGEE that at some point it will surpass a size that I can feasibly make large, site-wide changes to it. Basic things like header, backgrounds, link art and such I can do, but I'll stick with the structure as it is now. I will get Dance posted, plus the other Coasting caps and hopefully soon caps of The Summit, etc.

Oh, and I'm really, REALLY hoping someone will be able to record Prince and the Pauper in a few days. No luck so far on it and we just can't miss this. Seems a very unpopular channel that it's airing on, unfortunately.:(

Journal Entry: July 2, 2008

I'm in the process of updating the structure and look of the site. It's such a huge thing now, so many pages... and it'sonly gonna get bigger, but I really wanted to clean it up. Especially the home page, which was just so jumbled and crowded. Well, because I'm so busy with other things - going out of town this month and slammed at work in preparation for that trip, the site will look a little mismatched and incomplete in some areas for awhile, but I will get all those little details I have in mind done eventually.

Oh, and I was sad to read that The Saint is being put off because of the threat of an actor's strike. Darn it! Well, I'm sure things will work out as they should, even though some of James' upcoming projects might have to be abandoned... there will be other great things to replace them.. Heck, look at Manchild... I doubt we'd have Solomon Kane if that had gotten picked up, and there is NO CONTEST there for me. Give me Solomon.... OH YEA BEBE! :D

Journal Entry: June 24, 2008

I just had to say how much I loved James' voice in The Summit. Ok, I do prefer his natural Brit accent, but that deep, gravely voice he had was just... SWOOON! Took be back to Blackie and got me all keyed up every time he spoke! WOOF WOOF! LOL ;)

Journal Entry: June 16, 2008

The Summit was excellent! A really great story that gives you chills and some real feelings of dread. Poignant and timely.. I was on the edge of my seat. I've said it before, but there was not enough James in it for my taste. I loved the cast!! Everyone did wonderfully, but I was waiting and waiting for James to come on screen so I could sigh with contentment. LOL! I'm just itching now for Diamonds and The Saint and ohhhhh SOLOMON KANE! YEA BEBE! I know it will be James-fest-land with The Saint and SK! Oooo, it's gonna ROCK! :D

Journal Entry: May 12, 2008

Wow, time sure rockets by doesn't it?! I didn't realize I hadn't posted anything here since March! Well, that's life for ya. So much going on here personally and professionally. But being the silly 'crushing on JP 'girl I am, I think of James every day. Wonder how he's doing and hoping my positive, loving vibes will bless his life in some way. Nettie and I are so excited about his new role in Heaven & Earth! That is going to be such a good part for him following Solomon Kane and The Saint!! Oh, and saw some pics from the Bafta Craft Awards... Ahhhh... he looked SO GOOD with that buzz cut! I am so happy to get to see photos. I was concerned his hair would grow out so fast I might not get that opportunity. haha... He always looks so darn good, that man!

I have been promising updates. Have Dance to the Music of Time caps, donated by Kelly, to prep and post. Have new wallpapers and other goodies, too. Just haven't had time to do it. I'm so drained after work lately and busy on the weekends I just don't have the gumption to delve into the work needed to get the updates done. But, I WILL get to it. I promise. ~Nada :D

Journal Entry: March 22, 2008

Been awhile since I posted anything here. So much going on in life lately.... But when it comes to Mr. P. I am SO excited about Solomon Kane, Diamonds, The Summit and The Saint!!! Weeeee!!! So much to look forward to. We've picked up a lot of newbies here on the site, in the forum, and on myspace, and it's only gonna get bigger. Man, I hope I can keep up! LOL! Yea, sure I can, anything for the man! ;)
I know I always do a lot of thanking around here, but I have to send kudos to everyone who has kept me up on James news lately. I've been running kinda crazy with work and personal stuff and have not been the first to discover news bits so I'm indebted to you guys for emailing me The Summit trailer, stuff about The Saint, Diamonds updates, etc, etc. Without you guys, this site would not be the great and massive thing it's become. THANK YOU!
Oh, and I'll be doing more updates soon, adding new screen caps and such. I did add a new piece from a fan on the forum to the JP Fan Art Gallery the other day and hope to get more submissions there, too. Hint hint... Anywhoooo, that's it for now. Big hugs all around and Happy Earth Day!! ~Nada :D

Journal Entry: March 15, 2008

Ok, so I may have yet again jumped the gun about The Saint. I got these news reports in email that it was "confirmed" that James was cast, then afterwards I've gotten all these even more recent ones that state he's "still in talks" for the role. Well, I think it would be FAB if it happens. But I also know that if it doesn't for whatever reason, there will be many, many more great roles for him. I think about the things that didn't happen, like the Valentines Day film and Rome coming to an end and though I was disappointed at the time, now I see that there were reasons why. We have Solomon Kane to look forward to, Diamonds, The Summit and maybe The Saint... Everything happens for a reason and James has a such a marvelous future ahead of him! I can hardly wait! ~doin the JimmyJig~ :D

Journal Entry: March 10, 2008

I just had to say how SUPA JAZZED I am to finally see confirmation about The Saint. Looks like I'm going to be subscribing to HBO again! Oh, James on TV every week... I SO MISS that! Ok, so we have James on the big screen as Solomon Kane and on TV weekly as Simon Templar ~ Life is gonna be SO GOOOOO! ;)

Journal Entry: February 6, 2008

It's so strange to be Nettie-free (I MISS YOU SIS!!!). She's doing well and we talk at least every couple of days. Things are so busy it keeps me occupied and helps me to adjust. But now that I'm alone to keep up the site, I don't know when or if I'll attempt to make any other videos. We always did those together and it just feels odd to attempt it by myself. But, I will be updating soon with more screen caps, perhaps new fun with James pics and other things. I need to do more sketches, but just haven't felt like I could concentrate on it at this point. Of course I'm as anxious as all of you for James news... whether Solomon Kane or otherwise! Thinking of James on the SK set brings a smile to my face! Keeps me from feeling down. And thanx to all of you lovely friends out there who send me sweet emails and IM's and keep me laughing! I love you guys, you are all beautiful!!! xo :)

Journal Entry: January 23, 2008

Taking a small break to jump in here and say a few things. Firstly, how strange it is and how sad I am over the death of Heath Ledger. I pray his family, friends, and fans are comforted through this terrible loss. :(

Also, I have been very busy helping Nettie get moved and will be working hard to get my home ready to put on the market in early March. So I apologize for some periods here without suitable updates. I have a folder of updates waiting to be added to the site, which I'll get to when time permits. In the meantime, please watch the forum and the various James groups for all the latest. I will TRY to post the latest news heas soon as I get it, but will be choosy about it. When there is BIG news, I will get it on here asap, but small tidbits will just have to wait or may not be posted here at all. Once I get into the showing-and-waiting-to-sell mode, I'll have plenty of time to get caught up here. I really appreciate your patience with me through this busy time. ~Nada

Journal Entry: January 11, 2008

Been awhile since I did any Fun With James pics so finally I got inspired again. I couldn't resist this one! Ah, if only this were REAL! Sighhhh.... That nearly peek-a-boo shot of Mark in those Egyptian clothes is just DEADLY! Every time I see it I get all funky all over! LOL! No wonder I tend to dream of Mark Antony. Had another short but sweet one night before last. Wish I could program myself for nightly James dreams. ;)

Well, here's that new silly pic of myself as Cleo. Ok, yes, I'm just hopeless. HAHA ~Nada

click image for larger view

Journal Entry: December 26, 2007

Back to work today but just had to pop over here and wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a FANTABULOUS new year!!!

Not sure how many really read this journal and out of those who is familiar with our website for MiniEwan, but now... I have MiniJames, too! LOL! Yes, I found a company to make me a custom head of James so I could make MiniMark Antony. Ok, so it's a silly hobby that both Nettie and I have enjoyed for some years now, but we LOVE it. I just had to give in and make my MiniMark. Here are a few photos. :)

Ok, James' likeness is close, but not quite perfect. The sculptors are extremely talented, but they don't know his face like I do so I see the things that are wrong. I did a bit of painting and tweaking, which helped him come a bit closer to James. But, I have to say how fabulous it is that he has his little scar over his right eye, his cute ears and his beauty marks by his lovely little mouth. :)

If I had time, and someday I will, I want to sculpt my own James head. Yes, I have sculpted in the past, but I'm much more proficient with drawing and painting than sculpting. I say that, but I'm terribly rusty in the classic art sense. I've moved from brushes, paint and clay to photoshop, illustrator and dreamweaver. But I know I could sculpt a spitting image of James if I tried and was patient with myself. :)

Also, I didn't make the costume, it came on a Roman doll I found. I do plan to make him some togas and other Roman goodies, but things being busy as they are now with moving and all, I just don't have time to dive into such creative projects. Oh, and that's MiniJames relaxing on my lap in the 4th image... I hope you guys like my froggie pajama pants. HAHAHA!!

If any of you want your own MiniMark Antony, I have seen the same sculptors I used selling copies of the head I ordered on ebay. is their website and ebay store name. And heck, even though he's not100% perfect, he's still just an adroable little thing! Nada :D

Journal Entry: December 10, 2007

Had some strange but nice dreams last night with James in them. He looked all succulent like at the end of Rome. Wasn't wearing much so lots of his lovely skin showing. Wooof! I remember kissin' and huggin' him... that's about all I'll say here. ;) Those kinds of dreams are just far to rare for me, darn it! :D

Nettie and I are so happy about The Saint!! What a wonderful role for James and a series, too! YES! Our boy is certainly getting more and more busy these days. Good on ya, James! And good for all of us eager fans anxiously awaiting all the great stuff coming up! Woo Hoooo!!!

Journal Entry: November 18, 2007

Confession time….
Ok, as most of you know, Nettie and I fell for James via his role as Blackbeard! But, truth be told, it is not the first time we saw James. We actually saw Resident Evil in the theater once. We noticed, of course, what a cutie Spence was. Then, right afterwards the trailer came out for Punisher and we mistakenly thought Tomas Jane was the actor who played Spence. Well, we thought: oh, ok, he’s not all that. HAHAHA… Hey, Thomas is ok, don’t get me wrong, but he is nooo James. Well, so now having re-discovered Mr. P and loving him to pieces, it seems ridiculous to have ever confused Tom for him. But, lately the trailer for The Mist has been playing constantly and he really does have something James about him. So, I decided to go ahead, fess up to the truth and post a pic of them side by side, to try and make our silly mistake not seem so outlandish. LOL... The saddest thing is our stupidity lost us several years of James adoration. Sighhh…
So, here it is. The side-by-side pics to at least attempt to prove our temporary insanity was not entirely unfounded. Heck, if I were a casting agent I’d certainly cast them as brothers in something. But, when you KNOW James as we do now, poor Tom just doesn’t hold a candle to him. That said–I do want to see The Mist. Just seeing Tom in the ads, that little bit of something that reminds me of James is quite enjoyable to watch. :D

Journal Entry: November 6, 2007

Oh yeah, baby!!! I'm upgraded! YESSSssss! Loving Leopard - got my monster hard drive and oodles or RAM... SWEEEEEEET! So, now Nettie and I can get on to those new videos we've been talking about creating. Maybe get started this weekend. ;) Had a fun and rather vivid dream of James last night. I just love those dreams that feel real, especially if Mr. P makes an appearance. Stuck with me all day long, too. :D

Journal Entry: October 30, 2007

I will likely be out of commission here for a few days coming up soon due to upgrading my Mac. YES!! I'm excited and nervous to be honest. I will be changing to a MASSIVE hard drive, boosting my RAM and installing the newest OS... so I'm sure there will be a few bumps in the road during the transition. No worries, the existing site won't be affected, but I may miss the very latest news and updates until I get everything sorted out again. Great thing is I'll have much more room to grow and work with for many fun projects in the future. With so many changes coming up for me, there will likely be other hiccups like this ahead, but it's wonderful now that we have Ravyn's JP Message board to help keep everyone up to date. Thanks guys for sharing all you find with the rest of us! I will be sure to keep you posted with news the best I can and I always appreciate those of you who email me when you find things I may have missed! :D

Journal Entry: October 24, 2007

I'm in recovery mode after oral surgery yesterday morning. At least I didn't need any pain meds today! YAY! I so HATE taking meds! Should have had this surgery years ago, but made the stupid choice and went for the other option, but now I'm so happy I did it! Just when I kind of get out of commission for a bit, all kinds of bits about James and his upcoming projects start to pop up. I still need to drop by the forum and try to get caught up with emails and such. Tonight is Frankenstein for all of you LUCKY Brits!!! I SO can't wait to see it! I've enjoyed all of the things I've read about it and have high hopes it will be all I'm expecting! Well, and even if it's not all up to snuff, sure thing James will be! It is just not possible for that man to disappoint with such talent and being such a thrill to watch, always! Those of you who get to see Frankie tonight, drop me an email and share your thoughts! ~Nada :D

Journal Entry: October 16, 2007

I had a FAR too short dream about James this morning right before I was due to get up and I knew I couldn't sleep in a just little bit more to try and continue it because I had a dental apt. Just prior to the dream I was lying there, tossing and turning a bit and thinking on work today and other mundane things happening in my life, when I drifted into this snippet of a dream: Mark Antony (WOOF!) was sitting at a table drinking and I was standing close beside the table when he turned his lovely face up to me and looked me hard in the eyes. Just at that instant ... my alarm clock clicked. I am a light sleeper so I rarely actually set the alarm to ring. I woke with a sigh of disappointment. I SO wanted to let myself drift back to ancient Rome, to see what might develop between myself and Mark! But life got in the way, as usual. HAHA... Still, that little tiny bit of a dream was quite vivid! Mark was his true, intense, utterly GORGEOUS self! Wearing his brown armor... a bit grimy, his hair sticking slightly to his scalp from perspiration... Mmmmm... Maybe I can finish the dream tonight... BEG! ;)

Journal Entry: October 14, 2007

So busy preparing for Nettie to leave. :( So many things have been put on hold recently and I so don't look forward to seeing her go. I'm doing my best to keep up with the site and all of my lovely friends. There are lots of changes coming up for me so if updates and contact is more sparse than usual, I ask you all to be patient with me.

I have been really enjoying the new forum. I don't have much time for it but end up shirking things I should be doing to pop by and leave a message here and there. This weekend has been difficult. With our AC out, we have not gotten as much done. It's so hard to work when it's so hot!! Hard to even think! It should be fixed this week, though... thank heavens! :)

Getting close to the end of The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane and not wanting to reach the end. Love the character, even without placing James in the role in my mind. One thing I REALLY hope is that they don't decide to give James blue contact lenses!! The emotion and feel of Kane's eyes is much more played up in the stories than their color! Let James have his dark, intense, LOOOVVEELLYYY natural eyes, PLEASE! I believe even hardcore fans of SK would rather see him with dark eyes acted to perfection than with blue contacts, which is so unimportant to the big picture!

Journal Entry: October 2, 2007

40 years old today and I always thought I'd have this big celebration at this milestone of my life, but nah. Just work as usual, maybe a nice lunch somewhere with Nettie and perhaps a film. Not getting what I REALLY wanted for my bday... to meet James in person. Sigh... that will have to wait for another time.

Started reading Solomon Kane last night and LOVING it!!! It is effortless, so easy, to hear James deliver Solomon's lines. Oh, that is sheer perfection! And there is a description of Solomon, too, that fits James to a tee!! I don't have the book with me, but will include that portion in our Solomon section next time I update. ~Nada

Journal Entry: October 1, 2007

Ok, have we raved enough yet about how JAZZED we are about Solomon Kane!!?? Oh, baby it is going to be FAB! I just received my copy of The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane and I'm going to start reading it tonight. But I was aware of his character before. I'd heard of him years ago and in reference to other characters I like like Vampire Hunter D. But never read any of the stories or knew more than what was mentioned in passing. Well, I hope this film is everything Van Helsing was not. haha.. I adore Hugh, but that movie left FAR too much to be desired. It was not nearly dark enough, far too hokey, and not even slightly scary. It also didn't come close to exploring a tortured soul. Not Hugh's fault in the least, obviously. And well, we will have Wolverine for that. YES!

But James as Solomon! Just BRILLIANT! I was not at all surprised that their "exhaustive search" finally found our boy for this role! Solomon has existed on the pages of literature for years now, but James is going to flesh him out like NO OTHER actor could! Can you feel my giddiness through this screen yet? :P

So, keep an eye on our new Solomon Kane section here. I plan to keep it updated the best I can with any and all info on the production as well as more info about this oh so intriguing character.

On a personal note, soon... I will be doing this website alone. Well, I say alone, but with all of you wonderful contributors it's never a one-person job. But by bestest friend and lovely sister will be leaving me. :( I am SO happy for her but I am going to MISS HER SOOO BAD! If anyone was wondering why we haven't done any new videos and such in awhile, that is why. We are just so busy preparing for her move and selling my house. Busy, crazy time for us. But don't despair, I will not slack on my James duties here. ~Nada :D

Journal Entry: September 17, 2007

Click image for a nice big (and beautiful) version!

Son of the Dragon came today and we just finished listening to it. The story of Vlad has always been a favorite of ours. Not only the Dracula version with fangs and bats, etc., but the historical Vlad the Impaler as well. Morbidly fascinating, and the way he was portrayed in this audio episode was just wonderful. It goes without saying how marvelous James was!! What a fabulous voice he has, and his enthusiasm and incredible talent as always leaves us completely satisfied. ;) James added a dimension that the historical Vlad never had for us - sensuality, baby! The man can't help it, but it's always such a GOOD thing the way he injects all of his characters with such power, timeless class, and strength-sapping seductiveness. He seduces always, even when the intention isn't of a sexual nature, and that is mighty good!!! HAHAHA If you haven't ordered your copy we highly recommend it. Here's the link:

Journal Entry: August 21, 2007

There is a commercial here for a dating service and one of the girls who found her soulmate says, "Love is pure joy." Makes us think of James every time we hear it. :D

Journal Entry: August 15, 2007

Just read through the production notes for Rough that Ruth sent. I so can't wait for that!! It's going to be a powerful miniseries! We always doubted the rumors that James was supposed to be in Blood Diamond, but maybe he was and is doing this to make up for it in a way. I think Rough will be better in some ways than Blood Diamond. More thorough since it has more time to delve into various dark aspects of diamond trading.

Been thinking of Mr. P. a lot lately what with the burning of the Rome sets :( and some new things coming up from him soon. :D We hope he's safe and happy and enjoying life!

It's been so busy lately for both Nettie and I that we haven't created anything new in a while, but hopefully soon we'll get a break and add some more things to the site.

Journal Entry: August 9, 2007

Didn't James look lovely at the Rome DVD release party!! :D Kevin and Polly looked great too! It was so cute to read that he has his Mark Antony wolf skin on his bed, his GORGEOUS black armor and a slave dress for his girlfriend.GAWD that is one lucky girl! ;)

Journal Entry: July 31, 2007

I just realized we hadn't mentioned how miffed we are with the Emmy's about snubbing James! Of course it's not at all a surprise. We are more often than not disgusted by the lack of talent that gets attention from award shows as well as the amazing talents that get utterly ignored. It seems to be the way of this world. But even with not being surprised, it still really bugs and baffles us. Man, everyone did so GOOD on Rome, but even with all of the incredible talent involved, James just owned that second and last season.

Well, ok... Overall it doesn't matter what silly award shows think. It's obvious James is incredibly talented and anyone with at least half a brain knows he belongs up there with the very best actors on the planet. Heck, there are many award-winning actors that can't hold a candle to James' talent. Obviously there are awesome actors who have won Emmy's and Oscars, too. We just don't use winner status to judge true talent, because it can't. That said, here's hoping that Rome and James get their deserved recognition when the UK award shows start up if only to make James feel all warm and fuzzy over winning something. ;)

Anyway, James must know we all adore him and to us he is the bestest of the best!! :D

Journal Entry: July 19, 2007

The Getty pics of James at the Imogen book party are just LOVELY. What a honey he is!!! So, he is in London. We wonder if he's done with the valentines movie yet. Hmmm. That man is so busy it's hard to keep up with him. :D

Lately we also have been super busy! Despite this, we have still been updating the site with new stuff. Hello and welcome to all of our newest visitors. We are glad you like the site and thanks for your kind words. Maybe soon we'll have some updates on James for ya. Keep your eyes on the news section. We will post there before anywhere else. Oh, and please don't forget to let us know if you hear anything. Even thought we try to be first with news, often we are last to hear.

**BIG hugs and kisses to you James wherever you are!**

Journal Entry: July 5, 2007

We've been having some fun around her lately! New stuff all over the site! New Wallpapers, Caps, Fun with James pics! What a blast! :D Tomorrow is Nettie's birthday so we're gonna go out all day and just have fun! Got work off for 2 days so we wanna milk 'em for all they're worth. Work is getting busier and busier lately, which is a good thing, but has our personal time increasingly limited, so we need all the recreation we can get when we can get it. We are anxiously awaiting each of James' new projects and any news. His recent appearances on radio and BBC TV interviews have been so great! What a darling he is! As far as we know, he is now, or will soon be in Toronto filming I Hate Valentines Day. That's gonna be a great one! No doubt! :)

Journal Entry: June 19, 2007

It's been quiet for awhile now. We hope James had a great birthday and father's day and that he's doing well. And just like all of you, we are itchin' for news of what's coming up next. :D Can't wait to see Frankenstein, hear his Dr. Who radio show, swoon over him in that Valentines Day film. Ah, the anticipation...

I'd like to give a shout out to all of those who have only recently emailed us sharing their love for our darling boy. You guys are sweethearts. James tends to attract the nicest fans I tell ya. And those of you who have donated content for this website just rock! Thanks so much for all you do. It's been a real blessing running this site for him and all of you. We appreciate your kind comments and friendship. Hugs! ~Nada & Nettie

Journal Entry: May 27, 2007

A brief encounter with James.
The Sunday Times: Please Get a Life Offline

We decided to post this in the Journal, since it's really not news. :)

Here is an excerpt of this lady's cute encounter seeing James and Jojo on a train - "...Speaking of portals, I spent most of last Sunday on board the delayed 15.50 from Exeter to Paddington, travelling back from the Tamar Valley with Coco the dog and husband.
The train was packed, late, filthy, hot – in other words it was business as usual – until, that is, I spotted a male actor I once referred to in print as “Pure-phwoar” instead of by his real name, James Purefoy, on account of his mesmeric dark good looks.
I saw him as he stuffed his luggage into the rack and then he disappeared, presumably in search of a nice little patch of dirty carriage floor to enjoy for the next few hours.
About 20 minutes outside London I thought I would stretch my legs and so levered myself from my seat, taking Coco, and went into the corridor. There was no one there apart from a man on the floor and a boy, who was conked out on a rucksack, carved stick still clutched in his sleeping hand. It was Purefoy and son, looking like an advert for The Dangerous Book for Boys/West Country male bonding festival.
I stood pretending to gaze out of the window. Then I leant nonchalantly against the nearest wall. However, as I leant gracefully against it, instead of providing my weary back with support, it opened sharply inward.
And so it was that the heart-throb star of Rome, Beau Brummel and Vanity Fair glanced up to catch the sight of a middle-aged woman falling backwards into the reeking toilet cubicle, pulling her dog with her, emitting a scream that woke his sleeping son, many minutes before a series of blared apologies from “train manager” for the fact that the train was an hour late, couldn’t honour reservations and had faulty brakes.
I have consoled myself with the thought that the actor must get a lot of this dignified behaviour (so much more Benny Hill than Brief Encounter) when he meets appreciative, mature female fans and decided to give my descent into the First Great Western’s only functioning on-board facility that day no further thought."

We wonder if James carved the stick for Jojo. Awww, so cute imagining them on the floor together with Jojo sleeping on his lap. Sigh...

Journal Entry: May 22, 2007

Well, our darling boy's birthday is coming up June 3rd and we are planning on doing some revamping of the web site for him. Nothing drastic, just some refreshing of certain elements since it will be close to a year since we started the site and even though we love it as is, we want to freshen it up occasionally to keep it from getting old. :) We hope James and all of our visitors like it as much or more than this current design.
Several months ago we considered making drastic changes. Going for a Rothko kind of look for the site, which would make it entirely different from how it is now. But with so many people really liking the dark blue and such, we decided this time around to stick with the basic feel as is. Maybe next year we'll play with something more drastically different. Then again, I feel it's important to be recognized easily by returning visitors rather than go so different it's like a completely alien experience from what they are used to. That's why we have only done minor changes to our Ewan McGregor web site over the years: We've made basic layout changes and such, but the color of the site and elements have remained the same since the beginning. Only recently I updated all of the tables and everything is placed so much better than before. That is how we'll probably decide to treat James' site. Remaining consistent with the foundation but changing up certain bits here and there. Once we've posted the updates, we'd love your thoughts so please don't hesitate to email us.

Journal Entry: May 10, 2007

Nettie and I were talking about Frankenstein and how it's being filmed right there in London, close to home for James. I bet that was one of the reasons he chose it, to be close to Jojo. What a lucky boy! James being the kind of dad who puts his son before his career. Such a good father! Sadly, that is all too rare these days. :) I mean you just KNOW James is getting loads of offers for all kinds of things that would take him away from Jojo too much. I can't imagine otherwise and assuming that is the case, we are just so proud of him for making a good choice here. Plus, the modernized premise for this production of Frankenstein sounds great! Has us really intrigued! We just need to move to the UK so we can see and get a hold of his work easier. Us poor American gals have to struggle to get our hands on the UK-only stuff James has done in the past and will do in the future. Ah well, tis the way of things. It's just so nice to finally have something new to look forward to!!! Sqeeee!

Journal Entry: May 7, 2007

We try always to be first with any news about James, but sadly, more often than not, we are last. So, if anyone gets news, PLEASE email us and let us know! We will gladly credit you with the submission. The Frankenstein project looks interesting. We will be checking for updates and more info on that. And of course anything else that comes up. Any help you guys can give us will be MUCH appreciated.

Journal Entry: May 3, 2007

I've dreamed of James for an unprecedented 2 nights in a row. Yesss! LOL! I guess my subconscious is making up for how quiet it's been as of late. I bet our boy is off filming something right now! I just wish I knew what! haha. We will be updating the site soon with GORGEOUS George and the Dragon caps donated by Kelly. Just gotta prep them and post them. Will try to have them up this weekend. Oh, and don't forget Beau Brummell on BBC America this Sunday night!!! Can't wait! :D ~Nada

Journal Entry: April 30, 2007

My sis and I have tentatively been planning a trip to the UK later this year. But, I am having serious doubts about that happening now. We have made a very practical financial decision that will likely prevent us having the money we need for the trip. So, needless to say, though I know we are doing the smart thing, I am a bit sad that we might not be able to visit the UK to celebrate my 40th birthday. And oh, it's so hard to leave when we have so many responsibilities here. I just haven't been able to bring myself to get the tickets and now I am glad I didn't buy them already since things are looking so unsure. Ah well, tis life. We were hoping maybe James would do some theater in London so we could at least try to get to meet him while we were there. I tell ya if I hear he is doing a play later this year, it will be all the more sad if we aren't able to go. :( ~Nada

Journal Entry: April 20, 2007>

We have received so many e-mails both via this site and James' Myspace page about Rome Withdrawl Syndrome. :) Yes, we FEEL your pain!! We are all missing Rome like crazy and it's that much worse knowing there will not be another season... And darn but there has been NO news about James in so long!! Ok, we know Ray is in a pilot for CBS called Babylon Fields and Polly Walker is doing the previously titled show: Los Duques for CBS as well. But what's up with James??? Stay tuned... We hope soon to have something for you. In the meantime we hope James is happy and doing FAB!!! If anyone hears anything please let us know. We're all geared up to get all giddy and excited for more Mr. P. action!!! ;)

Journal Entry: April 14, 2007

My screen saver has a lot of caps from this last season of Rome (thanks Patri!). And every time one of them comes up on the screen I am just floored by how gorgeous James' skin is!! Nettie and I were talking about it today and the word "supple" was the best description. He just looks edible. Ok ok, we are gushing again, but he is just so stunning we have to mention it!

Journal Entry: April 11, 2007

Been rather quiet lately... Hopefully there will be some news soon. I wonder what our boy's up to now that he isn't stuck waiting for word on Manchild, I'm sure many wonderful projects are shaping up for him. We just can't wait to see what's next!! Kelly told me last week that she caught a rumor on an entertainment show about James possibly being cast as a Bond villain. Hmmmm. Now THAT would be interesting! The villain sexier than Bond himself! sweeeeet! We are certainly ready to see James on the big screen! Seeing that we never caught any of his previous theatrical releases. Bummer! Well, you know as soon as we have anything to share we'll update our news section. If any of you get wind of anything let us know and we'll be sure to credit you with the submission. :)

Journal Entry: April 5, 2007

Thanks to everyone who has sent such sweet comments for our little music videos. We thoroughly enjoy making them and sharing. We recently heard from a couple of brand spankin new James fans! YAY! We are always thrilled to bring more admirers into the fold. We have made so many wonderful new friends through James and the website. It has been a real blessing to our lives. Kudos to everyone who helps us out with news, suggestions and content for the site! You are all ab fab!!!

Journal Entry: April 3, 2007

Our newest music video is quite a tear jerker. Taking a queue from James himself in a recent article, we set Mark Antony's death scene to Trent Reznor's Hurt as performed so beautifully by Johnny Cash. We uploaded to YouTube at around 9am today, so if it's not showing yet, it will be viewable soon. Enjoy and be sure to have tissues ready....


Journal Entry: April 2, 2007

We survived our evening without Rome by having our dear friend Julia over to drool over James in Women Talking Dirty. Oh, that Daniel is such a stinker, but LORD what a hottie. :D Oh, and we created 2 brand new videos over the weekend, too! We have yet to post our Mark Antony video but will soon. But our "Sharpe's Hero" video is done and on YouTube! We made Jack a hero instead of a traitor in our little tribute. We just couldn't help ourselves. Here it is!


Journal Entry: March 26, 2007

Ohhh... that's it! It’s over and WOW I just can’t seem to get over James and his mind-blowing performance last night! I might have gotten about 3 hours of sleep. YEESH! Haha! I kept seeing his pain and anguish and his death… his body sitting there. God! It was such a shock. Nothing could have prepared me for it, even though we knew it was coming. The way it was done, so chilling! But it seemed Mark was already dead inside, just a shell of his former self, so lost and empty and hollow. No one else will ever play Mark Antony so perfectly, so entirely as James has. James truly became Mark and it made his end that much more gut wrenching.

Everyone on the show was just marvelous!! It was interesting the bits of history they changed, but for the characters as they had created them for the show, it makes sense why. Nettie and I want to watch it again at some point – after a bit of a break – to see how it strikes us second time around. But it might be some time before we can bring ourselves to endure Mark’s plight again. We are so sad it’s over! We will miss Rome terribly.

Journal Entry: March 12, 2007

Last night on Rome:I don’t think there is anything better in my world than watching Mark Antony! Better than chocolate, better than coffee, better than a big ol’ medium-rare, pan-seared steak! Last night’s episode was yet again simply marvelous! Watching Mark lose his temper… There is no one who does pissed like James, or pished for that matter. HAHA!! That opening scene with Atia. HOLY MOLY!! That man sends me I tell ya! Now all I need to know his how the hell do I clone him?!?! I want one so bad!! Ok, so I have to apologize for the direction this review has gone. Guess most of my reviews go this way, huh? Well, to sum up the show without gushing over Mr. P… Simon Woods just rocks!! Ray is beyond fantastic! Kevin rips emotions right out of you, Polly is flawless… oh I could go on and on with names and praises. Everyone is amazing and I am just sad that the end is so near. So, to return to the gushing as before… The scenes to next week’s ep have me all giddy with anticipation again!! Mark, strutting around half-nekked in Egyptian garb and body paint… I don’t know how I’ll survive it! I simply can’t wait I tell ya!! Only 2 eps left!!! NOOOOOO!!! ~Nada

Journal Entry: March 3, 2007

Sweeeet ep last night! One of my faves! Loads of our honey and boy, he had me laughing constantly! He has such impeccable timing. Oh, the way he delivered… so flawless, so satisfying!! ;) And that look on his face watching Servilia off herself, the foreshadowing… I laughed but wanted to cry knowing what’s coming. I just adore Mark sooooo much, I don’t know how I’m going to handle his death! I can’t even predict how it will strike me. But watching James in that role always has an “affect” on me, quite profound, actually. James affects me in any role, but there is something about Mark that goes a little beyond. Whenever James’ character’s die, it so hurts and I’m sure with Mark it will be as bad or worse. I don’t want to think about it. Silly woman I am. It’s just a character, always is, but I guess I really do immerse myself in it. Maybe it’s the fact that I write and create characters that makes me involve myself to such a degree. Well, at least I don’t confuse actors with the characters they play. Whenever I read or hear that people do that, it really baffles me. Anyway, James, you are a master - THE Master! ;) You thrill me to no end and though I don’t want Rome to end, I can hardly wait for the last 3 episodes!! ssiigghhh ~Nada -Oh, and dittos from Nettie. :D

Journal Entry: February 21, 2007

We're baaacckkkk! :D What a GREAT trip! So many friends we hadn't seen in years that we love so much! It was non-stop and we are exhausted, but we are seriously missing everyone again now that we can't just call them up and get together whenever we want to. Sigh...

Rome: Episode 6 - Ok , so this was a great episode, though yet again we wanted to see more Mark, darn it! Next ep looks like it may have a bit more of our darling in it. We HOPE! Only 4 eps left!!! Waaahhhhh!!! How will we handle Mark / James / Rome withdrawals?!?! :(

Journal Entry: February 12, 2007

Rome: Episode 5 - Well, seeing our gorgeous Mark with that messy, tousled hair, beard and lovely black armor last night kept me awake awhile lost in my daydreams. Hahaha! That wonderful man with his utter confidence and that oh so unique way James portrays him just keeps me in this constant state of joy as I’m watching and for days afterwards. Such a great show last night across the board!! I was also blown away by Simon Woods! He sounds remarkably like Max Pirkis in the role and is just spellbinding on screen! He has an angelic, ethereal quality that instantly makes me think of Anne Rice’s characters. A bit like Paul Bettany and Stuart Townsend. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the last of the shows. <SOB> I could watch Rome for years to come and never get tired of it! Next week's show looks like it's going to be phenomenal!! Lots of Mark, I hope!! Though we may see it later since we'll be out of town during the first airing. Gotta be sure we get a hotel with HBO! ;) ~Nada

Hey all…Well, I think Nada said it best. Therefore I will just say dittos…~Nettie :D

Journal Entry: February 5, 2007

Rome: Episode 4 - only one itsy bitsy scene with Mark. We feel deprived! But hey, caps will be EASY, but that isn't what we want... WE WANT ALL MARK ALL THE TIME! hahaha. It was a great show, but for that lack of James. And we're skeptical as to whether he'll be in the next episode that much, too. SIGH! Nettie said it perfectly, we are "not sated." We need a REAL Mark fix! Looks like we'll have to go back and watch one of the other eps to slake our desires! Oh, but we must add, that we both had the urge to push that soldier aside and lick his wound, or well, at least clean and kiss it as we sewed him up. :P Why does that man affect us so?!?! It's like one of his interviewers said once, "James Purefoy turns perfectly nice girls into lusty wenches" hahaha! We weren't nuts about some of her comments in that article - especially the "handsomer" comment, WHATEVER! But she sure was right about the "wenches" thing and the "undone" comment, too! :P (I'm referring to the Evening Standard "The Rake's Progress" interview)

Journal Entry: February 1, 2007

Last night we were watching Blade Runner, one of our favorite movies of all time. Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer are two of our favorite actors as well. I used to have such a crush on Harrison when I was 13! He was old enough to be my dad, but hey, I’ve always gone for the manly types. J Still just adore him, too! And the part of Roy Batty is one of the very best roles Rutger Hauer has had. And he played it sooo brilliantly. Utterly mesmerizing to watch! Ok, so why are we bringing this up in our James journal. Well, because in watching these two awesome actors in that film we noticed qualities that reminded us of James. There were little nuances in both Harrison’s performance and Rutger’s that brought James to mind. Neither of them look like James, obviously, but that seething intensity in Rutger’s portrayal of Roy Batty kept on reminding us of James in his more intense roles, Mark Antony specifically. And with Harrison, it’s the expressions. He has always been so full of expression, not quite like any other actor. And though it’s not the same as the way James is, the talent, quality and uniqueness is there for James in his own way. Perhaps it’s that familiarity with them that drew us to James and has made him stand out to us in so many ways. James a culmination of all the good things we love in the field of acting, and looks and personality. He’s just, well, the only word I’ve found to describe him overall, besides the obvious ones <<ahem>> is cozy. There’s something cozy about adoring James. Hahaha Those little things he does, the way he BECOMES his characters, his subtle mannerisms, that tiny but oh so powerful glint in his eyes that bowls you over, the power in his voice, we could go on, but well, that is why we’re so proud to support him and do this site for him! And it makes us especially proud and soooo jazzed when we bring him new fans, too! Yesssss! We just love ya loads, James!! xoxo

Journal Entry: January 29, 2007

Super busy day today! Finally I can stop for a sec and write my weekly Rome review. Episode 3 was an intense show, to say the least! I have to say it’s got me all anxious to see what happens next as things come to a head! I have such a weakness for angry Mark! GAWD! How does that man make horrid things like violence look sexy! <<ahem>> Well, and in the context of entertainment only - let me make that perfectly clear. I just felt so strongly, while watching the show, how lucky all of the actors have been to have that experience. Certainly Mark Antony, in the way his character has been approached for this particular production, is a rare kind of role and I’m just so grateful James got it!! He was definitely born for it and it hit me again how much I’ll miss him when it’s all over. <<sniff-sniff>> Oh, and I have to comment, in reference to a certain and very unique talent our boy has and uses quite often as Antony and otherwise. I’m referring to The Whammy! James is the Whammy King! Hahaha! I’ve never seen another man use that whammy look so powerfully. And James does it a LOT! It’s those certain photos or scenes that sometimes I’m just too weak to look at. I have to look away for my own sanity!!! Ahhhh, but I LOVE it! If ever I get to meet him in person, I will have to find some way to prepare myself, to be strong, in order to survive that look. Either that, or ensure I have a stretcher or someone to catch me when I pass out. Hahaha! ~Nada

Back again with my thoughts on episode 3 season2. Firstly, Mark pissin’ in the potted plant was a hoot and Cicero’s reaction was a LOL moment. He just couldn’t help but look!! Can you blame the man! HA! And the lovely butt shot was… well, lovely! :) Gee Mark, did you really have to bludgeon the poor messenger?! haha - That temper of his! My goodness! James is always perfection. I can’t wait for Octavian to start his stuff on the next show!!! ~Nettie

Journal Entry: January 22, 2007

Episode 2 of Rome was just marvelous again! Sooo nice to get to see more of Mark this season! YES!! James floored me again! I still can't get over how as soon as that camera starts rolling he wields such a power of seduction over his fellow actors, everyone on set, and of course all of us helpless viewers out here! GEEZ the camera just adores that man! I've never seen any actor do it like he does. And I can say “it” about many aspects of James’ talent and his unique ways. I simply can’t get enough. He illuminates the screen, heats it up so that you practically FEEL it warming you <ahem>. You don’t just watch James, it’s not simply enjoyment—James creates an experience unlike any other. I hope others recognize his strength, talent and power on screen. I know no other actor will ever portray Mark Antony as wonderfully as James has. And there are certain scenes out of history that were sadly skipped on the show that I would have LOVED to see James do. <sniff>
I tend to concentrate on our man, of course, but I have to comment ALL of the actors on the show! They are magnificent and so immensely talented! The sets and costumes are perfection and just the whole feeling of the show is wonderful. I am really going to miss it after this season ends. :(
Oh, and I must add, after previously stating how we weren’t too crazy about how the show chose to introduce Cleo, we enjoyed her last night. Personally, I love how tiny she is next to Mark. He is just so lovely and big and manly. <sigh> And I’d like to also say that we never meant to diss Lyndsey Marshal as an actress. It certainly came out that way and it isn’t her we weren’t pleased with. Just that the introduction was such that we didn’t feel that power you’d expect to feel with Cleopatra. Seems the writers were thinking of showing a contrast between the young Cleo and the more mature version in this season. Well, and it will be interesting to see how the relationship between she and Mark develops. Watching the Extras (thanks Lady Purefoy!!!) and seeing Mark all dolled up in Egyptian body paint/makeup, oh, what an experience that is! Hearing he will be preening and prancing around like a rock star…. I’m feeling light-headed just thinking about it! I’ll refrain from elaboration on the thoughts that come to mind after seeing those clips. <wink> And, being that we “slave” diligently over this website for Mr. Purefoy, we decided to add his sound byte here <THUD>. Yes, dahling, you are our master and we are most certainly the happiest little slave girls there could ever be! :D
Hurry up episode 3!! ~Nada

And here is Nettie's entry!

It’s that time again.. I really want to write up a thought or two on each episode of season 2 Rome… I have to say so far I like this season better than the first. I know it is mainly because there is more Mark! I have to clear up something on my last entry. I in no way want to say Mark was not in control, I just got a chuckle when he wanted to head north after Cesar’s death and build up an army and he couldn’t get anyone to agree to go with him. Well, Atia was ready to, but she would follow Mark to Hades and back. She is willing to disown Octavian to stay in his good graces. Oh, I loved it when Atia said she loved Mark and he just walked past her, not even a glance! LOL! I feel a bit sorry for her really, she is a naughty woman but Atia is really in-love with Mark. Octavian was right, and Mark should realize his time in control of everything would be short lived! Octavian is way too smart to put up with it and has every right to do what he did. I literally winced during the fight between Mark and Octavian. I didn’t want either one to get hurt. Very well done! Also, I found Cleopatra (Lyndsey Marshal) cool and collected when putting up with Mark’s sassy self. I really loved the double slap!! GOOD STUFF! What can I even say now that hasn’t been said about James! HE IS JUST SHEAR PROFECTION! <GROWL> ~Nettie

Journal Entry: January 16, 2007

Ok, ok…I’m now attempting to write my thoughts on Rome season 2 episode 1, between constant phone calls here at work! Sheesh! Unlike my sister Nada..I did sleep quite well Sunday night after viewing the show. I hoped to perhaps dream a little dream of our ‘dream’ boy, but sadly no such luck! :) James…as always was flawless and it hit me the next day upon thinking over the show how I forget I’m watching James, I am watching Mark Antony! He truly becomes his characters in all his work. Mark being one of my very favorites! I love Mark’s power struggle to retain control after the emotional blow of Caesar’s death and not receiving anything in the reading of the Will. Mark is a powerful man, but you can still feel his subtle underlying desperation to take over and his frustration over not getting the control he craves from those around him. James plays it sooo very well! I’m sure when Cleo convinces him he is the Osiris to her Isis he will eat it up! I just love the story so far and I wait impatiently for this Sunday’s show!!! Hurry up why don’t ya!! ~Nettie

Journal Entry: January 15, 2007

Episode 1 for Rome Season 2 aired last night and I’m still feelin funky from it. Haha. Oh, James was just burning, smoking, smoldering and I am still recovering from his presence, his astounding performance, that voice and that tude! I hate that he gets to me so bad. Sheesh, I am a grown woman, by the gods, and should be strong and have some level of fortitude. But alas, I am weak. I tossed and turned, dreaming only little snippets of him here and there but waking almost instantly upon seeing him. Grrrr! I felt all keyed up, all full of angst trying to sleep last night. Well, and there have been a few nights like that for me since the whole James crush began. So Mondays here at work are always nuts! Super busy and demanding, and I’m just sitting here with a mind full of fuzz trying to work and focus. Haha! Coffee ain’t even touchin’ it either! Ah well, I hope I can build up a resistance as each episode airs. Is every Monday gonna be like this until Rome is over? Oh dear! Maybe I should take up some kind of meditation after each episode. I can see it now: Clear my mind… (go James just go!!) Deep breaths… (will you stop sneakin in here!) Breathe in… (mmmm, that voice) Breathe out…. (ohhhh that smile). Ah heck, I give up! :D ~ LOL! ~Nada

Journal Entry: January 11, 2007

James had this little thing to say about his looks. Silly man. :) "'I'm not saying I'm good-looking, but I think I know now... that I probably do fit into a stereotype of what people perceive to be good-looking - and it's not particularly useful."

Not particularly useful... ok. Hmmmm. Well, I wonder would James forfeit all of his previous "handsome leading man" roles? Is he unhappy with what he's accomplished as the leading man in roles that he seems simply born to play? Mark Antony, Donald Farfray, Beau Brummell, Rawdon Crawley, etc, etc...? And we must include here that the very foundation of a person's looks comes from the inside. There are plenty of "handsome" or "beautiful" people out there who can't hold a candle to James simply for the light he radiates. The genuine, warm, open and loving energy he puts off. And hey, we have noticed and felt it and have never even met the man! So, we would say to you James, embrace the wonderful creature you are and enjoy it. Don't bemoan your looks or regret that you aren't something you were not born to be. We adore you just as you are. You bless us daily when we see you. So whether you think your good looks are useful to you or not, they certainly are useful to us. ;) You make us smile, feel giddy, feel alive and happy - you give us hope and we hope we do the same for you in some small way. :) Gee, we sure can get sweet and corny, huh? HAHAHA

Journal Entry: January 7, 2007

It's about 8:20 and we are sitting her right now watching the first 3 episodes of Rome season 1 and once again we are waiting for our darling Mark to appear. Oh, we hope this new season will bless us with more James screen time! PLEEAASSEE! Right when we get to swooning, he's gone again. Ahhhh, finally! Holy cow! He's gone again! That was literally a flash of him and GONE. Well, patience is a virtue, right? ... Humph! ;)

Journal Entry: December 29, 2006

This photo just cracks us up!

How adorable is our boy in that outfit! This must have been during a time in James’ life when he wasn’t in a relationship. HAHA! But both Nettie and I agree that if either of us were his girl and he stepped out of his bedroom door wearing that for our casual night out on the town, we’d grin with adoration right before leaping on him. Let’s just say we would end up arriving late for whatever plans we had. Nudge. Nudge. Say no more…. LOL!

Journal Entry: December 11, 2006

Oh my good LORD! ok ok ok... attempting to control the trembling all over our bodies right now. Yes yes, we got our oh so lovely, oh so sweet reply from James.

And dearest James, we already decided we would not post your letter here. Like you, we feel it is a private and personal thing and we can't put into words how grateful we are for your kindness, your generosity and sweetness of expression. You keep us always in a continual state of giddiness! You make our lives brighter, fuller, happier! Thank YOU for inspiring us and filling us with hope and pure joy. Oh, well, no pun intended there, really. :) We sincerely mean pure joy! You are a rare treasure in this world and we are proud to help promote your career in any way we can. To know that you've visited the site(s) and that you like what we've done is beyond wonderful for us! Our flirting hasn't been in vain. LOL

Also, we are VERY excited about Manchild! We will have to subscribe to Showtime and we hope it gets picked up so that we can get our dose of you every week, and of course for your ongoing success and exposure. Viva James!!

Thank you again, James, from the bottom of our hearts. Maybe, just maybe we can come meet you in London someday (soon). It would be an honor to bask in your glory. ;)

Oh yes, and thank you for the looovely photos - talk about generous! Your reply was the ULTIMATE prezzie! You've totally made our Christmas!

Love, hugs, kisses and all other forms of deep affection,

Nada & Nettie xoxoxo....

ps: Gee, can we be any more gushy!? LOL

Click here to see the photos James signed to us. ::sighhhhhh::

And as an aside I would like to make an offer:

My darling James,

If ever you think you may need a personal assistant I must say that I would be perfect for the job. All I would need would be food to eat and a place to sleep. I would do it for free, my only requirements being a little snog on the cheek or on the forehead right before you look down at me with those incredible brown eyes of yours and say, “Nada, will you do this for me? Will you do that for me?” And I’d gaze up into your lovely face with big, wet, doe-like eyes and say, “Uh huh… Anything you want James. Anything you need!” And off I’d go on knees like jelly, my heart fluttering wildly, leaving cleanliness and organization in my wake. I would pay all of your bills, making sure they were kept current while you were away and I can even balance your checkbook for you. I manage the office here at work, and I’m very good at keeping those books balanced to the penny.

I promise, you would never want for anything and no worries would ever enter your mind. Everything would be taken care of lovingly, considerately and thoroughly. I would never intrude on your life in any way that I was not invited to. I would eagerly accept this position as your personal assistant, leaving all I know and love here in the US behind. I would be the happiest, most content and hard working little assistant you could ever imagine having. :D

Yours with love and enthusiasm, Nada xo <<wink>>

James, The letter below is a special request thank you from Heather. :)


Thank you so much for your letter and the autographed picture. The holidays are always stressful for me. Even more so when you throw about three 20-30 page papers, various projects involving computer software that I've never used before, dealing with a publisher that is having their own monetary issues, and preparing for a loved one to go through a complicated and risky surgery.

I have to say I was so happy to get a response, I started crying. Then, I ran like an idiot through the house, giggling like an inane teenager.

Thank you so much for the stress relief and the chance to be joyful. It's such an easy thing for me to become Scrooge during the holidays.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Brightest of Blessings and much love,

Heather Poinsett-Dunbar

Journal Entry December 8, 2006:

We're baaack! And we have great news from one of our dear friends, Claudia, who got her reply from James!! She's on cloud nine as you can imagine! Here is the photo he signed for her. Yummers! It says in Italian, "with love and kisses." THUD! Now, Nettie and I are hoping, crossing our fingers and toes, that our letter will arrive soon! Pleeaasseeee!!!And when we do eventually get it, we will be floating I tell ya... total space-cases! In permanent swoon-mode! LOL :P

Journal Entry November 30, 2006:

Headed out of town tomorrow to see family, so updates to the site will be put off until after the 8th of Dec. Sorry for getting behind, we certainly want to be as up to date on James and his projects as we can. :)

Good news is we're hearing about new converts to Mr. P's "fanclub." Yeah, and that's no surprise with that power our boy wields on screen and in photos, and in person - according to Lady Purefoy and other's accounts. Nettie and I are looking forward to the day when we can experience his lovely presence, too.

Anyway, we're just itchin' for the new season of Rome and all of James' new stuff coming out! More, more, more pleeaassee! We just can't get enough!!

Journal Entry November 22, 2006:

We would like to introduce a new little bit of spice we're adding to our James Journal. Our darling friend, Lady Purefoy is just brimming with the most wonderful personality and talent for expressing her feelings (and ours) about Mr. P., and we would like to include some of her thoughts here. We email and chat often, and she always brightens my day! Oh, and lucky gal actually got to meet James!!! So she has a certain perspective of the man that all of us lovers of the man want someday to have, too!

Lady PuHave-Your-Cake-Pt1-Galleryrefoy says: "Does [James] even know how much joy he has brought into our lives? He has brought us together. And here we are now, reduced to mush and loving every minute of it." -yes... oh yes!!!

Lady Purefoy says (in reference to our recently added Boon caps): "Gawd, he looks so young and adorable and juicylicious to the max! his skin, i can go on and on about his skin. i can write a book about his skin. and then omg, the pic with the chest peeking out. girl, I really don't think it's a good idea to be e-mailing you about james when i'm at work, huh? i can so get fired! and i know i shouldn't click on the the galleries cause that's just asking for trouble but you made me do it. it's like the age-old defense, satan made me do it. nada made me do it. will this stand in a court of law? so anyway, you said you uploaded the boon pics and off i went and i swear, i was red for like five minutes. had to go to the bathroom and hide and wait for my passion to subside. rhyme!" - LOL, and imagine how I felt, prepping those caps... staring at that man's loveliness... oooing and aaahing as Nettie and I chose each lovely shot... I'm still coming down off that high! ;)

Lady Purefoy says (and this is a challenge for all of his fans): "Ok, think of activities that you would like to do with james, but, a big BUT, it has to be far removed from sex. totally unrelated to sex. i want to know if you can think of activities that will start clean and remain clean. i bet you can't do it.say for example, dancing. The music plays, he approaches you, then he takes your hand, and now it's dirty dancing.another example, cooking. picture him slicing some vegetables. watch his hands. are you still thinking about food?
Driving. you and him in his citroen. need i say more?pure clean fun with purefoy, not happening. you cannot do it. and it's not to objectify him, i just don't think it's possible to have a platonic relationship with him. we will always "go there". do you think he has women friends who never thought of going to bed with him? liars, the lot of them!in bed with james. and with that thought, i will say goodnight."
- Impossible! Can't do it! Just can't!!! LOL!

Journal Entry November 21, 2006:

Our boy is such a busy bee! We wonder if he'll take some time off. We hope to get even a tiny little reply to our letter at some point... before he gets too well-known... too busy to answer his letters anymore. Manchild is sure to catapult him here in the US, more so probably than Rome did, if it gets picked up, which of course we're rooting for. The affect James has on his fans is monumental and if he gathers more and more like the ones he has now, he'll become literally impossible to reach. But overall, success and constant work is what we want for him! He deserves all the attention, recognition and success possible with his immense talent! It's baffling sometimes to see who gets noticed in the performing arts and who doesn't. At times it seems just backwards! We want James to reach the level of our other two favorites, Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman! And we see it happening, and heck, it could happen very fast indeed...

Journal Entry November 16, 2006:

Nettie and I were talking and we have to say, on a more positive note about Manchild, that we're glad it's a comedy. Not that the dialogue I've read sounded very funny, but to see James in a comedy sounds great! We are hoping it's better than it seems at first glance. And of course, we support James in all of his work and choices. We're thrilled that he'll be doing something that will bring more attention to him over here in the US! YAY!

We've read several places where James likes to refer to himself as an "old geezer." LOL! Well, James, you are NOT an old geezer in our eyes, and even if you were, we'd still love you to pieces, honey! Heck, we're close to your age ourselves... and we're looking forward to enjoying you for the rest of our lives. We LOVE what a little age has done for you! Of course, you were just adorable when you were a bit younger - such a peach with those full red lips and utterly pinchable cheeks! ::sigh:: But now??? GRROOWWLL! LOL! ;)

**funny how we keep countering all of James' little self-deprecating statements** :D

Journal Entry November 14, 2006:

We have been having a ball with our new friends we've found through our crush on James. Patri, in Spain, who donates stuff to the site, trades James stuff with us and has become a great friend! Kelly who is a darling. We chat about all sorts of things and trade for James stuff, too. Lady Purefoy, who is just a hoot and who has had the rare and wonderful experience of actually meeting the man!! What a lucky gal! :D Oh, and our pals through James MySpace page: Claudia, Kelly, and a whole slew of others there!

We want to thank you, James, for bringing us together! You have a growing collection of ladies out here who just adore you! Through our site and talking you up, we've even converted a few new fans who are keeping an eye on your career now. YAY! From all of us we send you a BIG group hug and a shower of loving kisses! xoxo

Journal Entry November 9, 2006:

Ok, we have just learned about James in "Manchild" for Showtime and we have mixed feelings about this. Firstly, it's good to have a series for James so that he can schedule himself for his son and have regular work. We are all for that so that our boy can be happy. But, this is yet another character not unlike Hal, or Daniel, or Tom in Natural Justice - even Mark Antony is this kind of guy. Yes, James is charming, handsome, and well perfect for these kinds of roles, but we are concerned about typecasting. Even though he has played many wonderful roles outside of this kind of character, it just seems to be the most common theme in his character choices.

I would love to see him in a role like Indiana Jones. Main character, big personality, some action, good script and endearing character. Man, now that would be amazing, and better than 007 in my opinion. I knowit's hard when what you're offered is what it is - but I do hope James isn't thinking he's older and past the point. Yikes!! He's so not past the point, he's in his prime and one of the most underrated actors out there. One of the best in the biz, and it's a travesty he's not morerecognized as a major talent. Well, it may be a blessing for him, too, not to be a big famous guy over here. It can be torture being HUGE in the US. And most of all, we just want him to be happy and know he's loved by his loyal fans!

Journal Entry November 7, 2006:

We watched Metropolis over the weekend and how tragic when Nathan jumped! :( Seeing any of James characters die (or get hurt) is just dreadfully hard to handle for us, silly as that is. Of course, we won't accept that he died. Rather we prefer to think that the nasty blow to his head from the fall completely cured him! ;)

Journal Entry November 2, 2006:

Well, my first attempt at making a little video movie of James is almost complete. I've posted it on the site as is, but I plan on tweaking a few things tonight and replacing the one that's posted. You can view it here. I took the clips of James from the beginning of Jilting Joe where he's dancing around in his New Romantic outfit looking darling, and put them to the song One Small Day by Ultravox - one of our favorite bands from the 80.s. It's amazing how certain parts of his clips go with the lyrics so well. :D It isn't that we don't like the ABC song, but we just wanted to make it unique. What a cutie he is! I could never leave that man at the alter, I tell ya that!

My next video project will probably be Beau Brummell clips set to The Dandy Warhol's The Dope (Wonderful You). Can't resist due to the whole "dandy" thing. ;)

Journal Entry October 26, 2006:

We recently watched Jilting Joe and Beau Brummel, finally. Well both Nettie and I agree that the character of Olivia in Jilting Joe really droveus nuts! We were begging Joe not to turn around at then and, "Oh please just keep on walking, hon"... but alas, it had a "happy" ending. James was of course wonderful, adorable, endearing, but overall I wasn't crazy about that film. I MUCH preferred Women Talking Dirtyeven though Daniel was a bit of a stinker. I could watch him ALL daylong! Mmmm hmmmm...

Beau Brummel was a little different than I'd imagined it would be. Actually, it felt a bit rushed to both of us. I wish they'd given it two nights and built the characters up a bit more - and so that we could see that much more of James looking scrumptious! ;) The directing was interesting - reminded us a bit of a music video at times. No complaints about that, it wasn't bad at all. It was a James-fest, which is always wonderful! Only drawback with watching our boy in the evening, right before bed, is it tends to keep me up at night. LOL! ~Nada

Journal Entry October 10, 2006:

Oh, I had the wildest dream last night that James was an angel. Funny after all the joking that he's the devil. ;) So, I just couldn't resist creating this angelic James image. And you can see my devilish James art by clicking here. ~Nada

Journal Entry October 9, 2006:

Our wonderful new friend, Patri is now our partner in helping build our web site. We have added a few things today, but will have more soon.We are really grateful to her because she has gone out of her way tohelp us get things we didn't have. She ROCKS!

Over the weekend we watched Women Talking Dirty - and oh boy... Even though his character was a real stinker, he had us just swooning in that one! Then we watched some of Coasting and what a doll. So young and sweet. Cute show. It was hard to turn it off. :) WTD inspired some brief dreams for both Nettie and I. James has a way of sticking with you, like a very satisfying meal or a song that moves you deeper than others. Hegets "in there" and it sure is nice to have him there I tell ya!

Journal Entry October 6, 2006:

I had 2 very nice dreams with James last night. ;) Nettie had a wacky dream with him, too. So it was a bit of a James night for us. Yippee!

Be sure to go visit our friend Claudia's PollyWalker site! It's gorgeous!

Journal Entry October 5, 2006:

We just have to comment on one of James' interviews where he says, in terms of his fame as an actor here in the US, that he's "plankton." James, you are NOT plankton!! You have a steadily growing number of fans here who love you and heck, Nettie and I love you enough to cover the entire country!! ;)

Oh, and we've decided our lovely boy has an oral fixation, which is quite nice with that... mmmmm... yummy mouth of his. Ok, ok, so some of these images are from film roles that called for it, but if he doesn't have and oral fixation, we certainly have one for him. ;)

The only negative bit are the cigarettes. Ok, yes he looks sexy smoking (God I hate saying that), but we'd much prefer he didn't. His poor lungs...

And what's he up to right now? Does anyone know? We heard he was in Blood Diamond, then we heard he wasn't. We just want to be up to date on his latest projects. If anyone hears any news, please email us!

Recently we watched The Wedding Tackle (Yuck, though of course James was flawless as ever - both in his talent and his looks). We also saw The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and there just wasn't enough of him in there. Man, he was beautiful, though. Easy to do screencaps at least (coming soon). :) Maybe Baby was cute, and geez was James good in that. He's born to seduce, without even trying. We read his publicist won't let him be interviewed by women anymore because he's so charming. No surprise there. He can just stand there doing nothing and I'd be all giddy... We're quite addicted to his unique and very expressive ways. Oh yes, and we saw the Sherlock Holmes episode, which was one of his first things. Awww, what a darling he was. So young, with those full red lips and big, brown innocent-looking eyes. Made me want to rob the cradle. ;)

Journal Entry September 22, 2006:

Lately, Nettie and I have been worrying about James' smoking. He's probably been at it for lots of years now, and we just pray he'll be okay. We've had several friends who smoke and we completely understand how hard it is to quit. We'll keep him in our prayers. It's impossible to imagine how devastated we'd be if he got sick. ::shudder::

On a positive note, we're soooo excited about James' new movies coming out this year. Goose on the Loose and Blood Diamond. We just wish his part was bigger in the latter. As far as we know it's a small part. We heard he was playing a lawyer in something, I wonder if BD is that project? Can't wait to see him on the big screen again! YEAH!

Journal Entry September 15, 2006:

Had a very brief little dream about our boy last night. Ah, but it was nice. Pretty vivid, for being so short and sweet. I just wish I'd beem more lucid so I could have controlled what happened better. :) We've added a load of stuff to the site today. Video clips, a flash movie of James on the home page and a few other tidbits. Enjoy!. ~Nada

Journal Entry September 12, 2006:

I wrote a short fantic inspired by James as Mark Antony and here is a poem from that story. If anyone is interested in reading my fic, just drop me a line. I don't plan to post any of my fanfic here on the site. Also, if you'dlike to see more of my poetry, click here.

Antony & Adara
by Khanada– Sept, 2006

A torrential rushing flood inflames me
to abandon reason and succumb to him
The gods, they taunt me
for protection or relief I plead
but instead raging lust I receive
escape him I must, for him I do not trust
still the fire rages, still my body it defeats me
and I succumb to his charms
lose myself in his arms
fatal, this seed of love betrays
his touch, his voice, his kiss in my heart stays
for I have been left to grieve
from my love, unrequited I leave


Journal Entry September 7, 2006:

Well, we mailed our letter off to James yesterday. I decided at the last minute to do a quick drawing of James on the envelope. I wish it had turnedout a little better, but it's okay. If he gets it, I hope he likes it. At least it was a nice thought. :) We'll see if we get a response...

Journal Entry September 4, 2006:

We spent our entire 3-day weekend hard at work on our novels, and yes, they are inspired by Mr. Purefoy. We feel quite accomplished and excited about our progress. We're considering putting fanfic up here on the site. We each have several fanfic we've been working on and they're turning out quite good. No masterpieces, but certainly fun. We also wrote James a letter that we'll be mailing soon. Hopefully he'll getit and we'll get a reply like several other lucky ladies we've heardof. :)

Journal Entry August 23, 2006:

Ooh, I got to kiss James in my dream last night. Very, very nice indeed! :D
We watched a few episodes of Rome last evening and James performancewas just spellbinding (as usual). He is so full of expression, more so than most other actors! When he’s being cunning or sassy ordevious, we just can’t look away. It’s like eating the very best chocolate!
Both Nettie and I are very disappointed with Cleopatra, though. She is portrayed wish no class, no power about her at all, and she comesover like a bratty teenager. ::sigh:: We were really looking forward to the whole Marc Antony - Cleopatra thing, but now we aren’t so thrilled. Maybe it’s the way she was introduced - first impressions and all, but we just feel let down.
We were also really disappointed with how they treated Egypt on the show. The Egyptians looked like a bunch of freaks! And what was the deal with Alexandria? Not such an amazing looking city to me. Sad, when they do so well on so much of the show otherwise. Maybe it was budget, but still they could have done better with the makeup, the costumes and the sets in Egypt. Oh well, I'm really only watching for Mr. Purefoy anyway. Not enough of him - we find we're waiting and waiting sometimes for them to get back to Marc Antony. :) ~Nada

Journal Entry August 21, 2006:

Okay, so I was reading through a couple of interviews/articles on James over the weekend and saw that our boy is sick of the sex symbol thing. Well, I just have to say to you, James, NONE of your fans doubt your incredible abilities as an actor. You blow us away constantly. We don’t see you as just beautiful to watch simply due to your looks alone, we thrill in your transformations, your emotions - your sheer presence - as you literally become each of your characters before our eyes. But, know also that you have a smoldering sex appeal that just can’t be missed! There are lots of sexy actors out there, all handsome and charismatic, but you have something – something that sets you apart –creating your own little place in our hearts.
One of the things about you that grabbed Nettie and I first thing were your eyes. So much feeling, so much going on in there… Your eyes are so intense sometimes that we just have to look away. ;) Your eyes are both spellbinding in your performances as well as always making us weak in the knees. No matter how much you might like to keep the sex symbol and accomplished actor separated, they go hand-in-hand and your fans just love the whole package. xo

DISCLAIMER: This web site is simply a place for us to promote James Purefoy as well as share our thoughts and feelings about him and his work. We do not know anything about Mr. Purefoy's personal life and everything we express here we do with utmost consideration and respect for him. We realize that Mr. Purefoy is a normal human being who deserves his privacy. We support him in all of his endeavors and though we gush and joke and flirt a lot throughout this web site, we mean no disrespect to him and we do so with true admiration and genuine caring. We do not have nor can we supply any personal information regarding James Purefoy. This is only a fansite in support of him and his work. Thanks and we hope you enjoy your visit. ~Nada & Nettie